Space Command To Remain In Colorado

by Roger Murphy
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WASHINGTON, DC-President Joe Biden made the decision to keep the Space Command headquarters in Colorado.  This comes after much debate over the past month with some heated deliberations to have the HQ moved to Huntsville, Alabama.  Alabama has vowed to fight on for the move to Huntsville.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville

“This is absolutely not over  I will continue to fight this as long as it takes to bring Space Command where it would be best served—Huntsville, Alabama.”  ~ Senator Tommy Tuberville

US Space Command, which is a joint command and separate from the US Space Force military branch, is currently housed in Colorado Springs, but the Air Force recommended near the end of Trump’s presidency that the command be moved to Huntsville, Alabama.

President Joe Biden

President Biden followed the advice of the head of the Space Command, General James Dickinson, who stated he believed the HQ should remain in Colorado,  because it will be fully operational in August and moving it now would jeopardize military readiness according to an official.

Following the announcement, Secretary of the Air Force, Frank Kendall said he will “fully support” the president’s decision. “The Department of the Air Force will now work expeditiously to implement the decision,” he said.

The Department of Defense informed Tuberville’s office and the rest of the Alabama congressional delegation of the decision Monday afternoon before the news was announced publicly, an administration official said.

According to a US official, several issues factored into Biden’s decision, including “quality-of-life for servicemembers and families, including quality of schools and military housing.” But the official said “the most significant factor considered was impact to operational readiness to confront space-enabled threats during a critical time in this dynamic security environment.”

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Darryl August 1, 2023 - 7:59 am

Im pretty sure Joe is not coherent enough to know what this is all about.


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