CCW: The Young Lions: 8/4/18

by Bobby Inman
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Invasion.  As defined by Oxford Dictionary, Invasion has the following two meanings:

  1. An incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity.
  2. An unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain.

Continental Championship Wrestling’s sister promotion, WrestleMerica, invaded the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds in Dothan, Alabama recently on August 4th, 2018.  The Young Lions of WrestleMerica came to where Continental Championship Wrestling holds its events.  These Young Lions came to show the fans that they had what it takes to stand toe to toe with the Continental wrestlers.

First I have never been to a WrestleMerica event since they are primarily held in Georgia.    So I was not familiar with the wrestlers from that organization.  To do my homework, I watched Youtube videos of the performers.  I got a better idea of their tactics as well as interaction with fans as well as other wrestlers.

I want to share the following story.  We always hear about the wrestlers of the Company, but we never hear that much about what these wrestlers do outside the ring.

At the matches in Dothan Saturday night, we had a special fan on the front row. Fry Daddy

found about this and came out before the matches and sat with this special fan.

During the matches, Fry Daddy came over to the fan giving him a hand shake.    After the matches, Fry Daddy came back and told the fan that he appreciated him being there.

This shows that the wrestlers do have feelings and do connect with their fans.

Thumbs up to Fry Daddy. I am sure you made this special fan’s night.


Ben Masters greets the fans

Ben Masters came out to get the show started.  He greeted fans at ringside.  He made sure to speak to the “Rowdy Front Row Ladies.”  Now, I must warn you, remember these ladies because they will be in this article and there may be a test afterwards.   It came to my attention that the “Rowdy Front Row Ladies” have now spilled over into the second row.  That is scary.


Ben announced that we would now have presentation of our Nation’s Flag.  The Flag was carried to the ring by Tabitha Cole’s Son Stephen and his friend Maddox.  I have to say that they did a good job.  They both were very careful that the Flag never touched the floor or the canvas inside the ring.

As the crowd told Ben Masters, “Ring the Bell!”   However before the first match can begin, John Saxon stormed into the ring area.  John is incensed.  Grabbing the microphone from Ben Masters, Saxon began his rant.  Saxon had posted the following on Continental Championship Wrestling website a few days earlier:

“I don’t know what is going on.  I am supposed to get Tyson Dean in a Texas Death Match for the WrestlMerica Championship Belt in Dothan on August 4th, 2018.   Someone is messing with me and I am not going to put up with it.  I will be there in Dothan on the 4th.”

Continental Championship Wrestling posted the following on its website shortly thereafter:

“Controversy swirls around the Main Event this Saturday August 4 in Dothan Alabama at the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds sponsored by Continental Championship Wrestling and WrestleMerica. The WrestleMerica champion Tyson Dean had originally agreed to a match against John Saxon after an intense battle between the two. Saxon wanted the title and he wanted it contested in a Texas death match.

     The Alabama State Wrestling Commission quickly intervened and refused to allow this match to take place stating that the “End Game” Paul Jordane was next up for a challenge with Dean and that Saxon has already had his opportunity and didn’t win it. This didn’t sit too well with Saxon who says match or no match he is coming this Saturday night and he’s taking what belongs to him. There’s no doubt that Tyson has his work cut out for him against Jordane and with the “loose cannon” John Saxon in the building there’s bound to be pandemonium”

Saxon quickly told the fans that “he was the #1 Contender and that he should be the one in the match tonight with Tyson Dean. “   Remember the part I told you about the “Rowdy Front Row Ladies”?  Yeah?  I guess Saxon didn’t learn his lesson last time when he got into it with them.  Last month, he told them that “they should go shave their hairy legs.”  Well, not to be done, I look up and the whole front row is waving Gillette Razors.  I guess Saxon will learn to watch what he says. 

Saxon tells Ben Masters that he is not leaving until he gets satisfaction.  Saxon leaves the ring and takes up a position against the Guard Rail.  Somehow, I figure this is not going to be good for someone.

Cameron Thomas vs. Asthon Slaughter

This was Cameron Thomas’ debut in Continental Championship Wrestling.  You may remember Ashton Slaughter when he wrestled as The Professional before unmasking last month.  Getting into the ring, Slaughter extended his hand to Thomas, who slapped Slaughter’s hand away.  The two circled before finally tying up with a Collar and Elbow.

Slaughter turned Thomas around before slamming him to the canvas, going into a front face lock.  Thomas was able to get a foot on the ropes, thus breaking the hold.  Again, Slaughter made a gesture to shake Thomas’ hand and Thomas slapped it away.

With John Saxon looking on from the corner of the metal barricade, the two combatants went back and forth with Slaughter getting the upper hand in the early moments of the match.  At one time, Thomas hid behind Referee Larry Brock.  Thomas was able to get Slaughter in a Head Scissor but Slaughter was able to get out of it.

Slaughter showed his strength with a Back Suplex before pressing Thomas over his head.  Slaughter walked around the ring with Thomas held over his head before slamming him to the canvas.  Thomas rolled out of the ring.  When Slaughter went after him, Thomas began attacking Slaughter.   Slaughter was able to fight Thomas off, rolling him back into the ring.

As Slaughter went back into the ring, he was hit by Thomas, who quickly went into a sitting Headlock on Slaughter.  The battle raged between the two combatants.    Back and forth, they fought.  Finally Slaughter was able to catch Thomas in a submission hold that the Lord Humongous used during his time in Continental Championship Wrestling in the 1980s.

As a side note here, the submission hold in Law Enforcement is called the Unilateral Vascular Neck Restraint.  Years ago, the Police Department that I worked at sent me to an Instructor School on this hold.  I can testify that the hold HURTS.  If held long enough, the subject goes to sleep.  The hold basically cuts the blood flow off to the brain.

Thomas quickly tapped out   However; Referee Larry Brock was out of position and did not see this.  Slaughter released the hold, thinking he had one.  Turning away from Thomas, Slaughter was rolled up into a pinning situation by Thomas.  Photos of the event show that Thomas used the ropes for leverage.

After the match, John Saxon came into the ring.  He told Slaughter that “following the rules wasn’t working for him.  He should join him.  Don’t listen to these fans.”  There was a little pushing and shoving between Saxon and Slaughter.  Both men left the ring area.

Dax Anthony vs. Zane “BTY” Stevens

This was a rematch from the last event held in Dothan.  Stevens came out the victor in the last match.  Would he repeat his victory again?  Both Warriors entered the ring area to their entrance music.  I noticed that the crowd was mixed on who they were cheering for.  It appeared that both wrestlers had their fans in attendance.

As soon as the match started, Dax began to berate Referee Kyle Carver, calling him the Ring General.”  I noticed at the last matches that Dax seemed to give the referee grief.  Dax took the early lead by kicking Stevens in the Stomach.  Dax tried for a punch, which Stevens ducked.  Stevens then took Dax down to the canvas with a Single Leg Sweep.

The two Gladiators battled back and forth.  There were several pin attempts.  The tide of the battle switched quickly between them.  At one point, Dax whipped Stevens into the corner.  As Dax ran toward Stevens, Stevens Leap Frogged over the top of Dax, landing behind him.  As Dax turned around, Stevens delivered a thunderous Chop to Dax’s chest.

I am going to stop here for a moment.  I have to say that Zane Stevens delivers a chop across the chest that reminds me of Ric Flair or Chief Wahoo McDaniel.  Ok, back to the event.  Dax reels from the chop just as Stevens delivers another one.  Dax covers up to prevent a third chop.  However, Stevens will not be deterred.  He stomps on Dax’s foot, which makes Dax stand upright.  Stevens delivers the third chops that knock Dax to the mat.

Dax recovers and begins to hammer Stevens.  He then throws Stevens outside the ring onto the floor.  When Dax climbs from the ring, he is met with another thunderous chap from Stevens.  Stevens throws Dax back into the ring but is caught by Dax when he tries to reenter the ring.  Dax tries a pinning attempt which Stevens kicks out of.

Dax continues to punish Stevens, at one time, getting Stevens in a Rear Face Lock.  Dax brought him over to where I was standing, yelling at Stevens to “smile for the camera.”  Releasing Stevens, Dax flips over the top of Stevens, snapping his neck forward.  Dax continues to punish Stevens, standing on his neck while Stevens is in the corner.  Referee Kyle Carter tries to break this up.

With Stevens lying with his neck just under the bottom Ring Rope, Dax grabs him and flips him neck first into the Ring Rope.  Stevens recovers slowly as Dax tries a pinning attempt.  Stevens is able to kick out of it.  The two battle for the upper hand.  Several pin attempts are tried but are not successful.

As Stevens begins to mount a comeback, Dax hits Stevens with a hard low blow.  It made me cringe on the outside of the ring.  Stevens falls to the mat.  Referee Kyle Carver quickly disqualifies Dax.  While there was not a true winner in this match, I don’t think you have seen the last of these two facing off.

Clyde Braddick vs. The Oriental Assassin Tetchi

WrestleMerica’s Clyde Braddick entered into Continental Championship Wrestling territory to face the Oriental Assassin Tetchi, managed by Ryan North.  If you are not familiar with Ryan North, North manages several wrestles and has a habit of interfering in their matches.  He is commonly referred to as “Weasel” by his loving fans.

North and Tetchi entered the ring area first.  North got Ben Masters with his microphone to meet him at the ring.  North pulled out a toothbrush and toothpaste and began to show the fans how to properly brush their teeth since “they never do.”   Remember the above mention of the “Rowdy Front Row ladies”, yeah, he did it in front of them.  Needless to say, this set them off.  I bet he won’t do that again.

Braddick then made his way to ringside to a thunderous applause from the fans.  I have never met or seen Braddick.  I am here to tell you that he is a thick solid person.  Referee Kyle Carver checked both wrestlers and the bell was rung.  North conferred with Tetchi on the ring apron, stalling the match.

The two wrestlers circled each other.  When Braddick tried to lock up with Tetchi, Tetchi rolled out of the ring.   We had to wait while the referee conducted a 10 count before Tetchi returned to the ring.  Finally the two locked up Collar and Elbow.  Neither of the two massive men could gain the upper hand.  They finally backed into the corner, switching positions several times.

Tetchi rolled out of the ring to speak with North.  This caused the fans to boo and Braddick to ask Kyle Carver what “he had to do to actually wrestle Tetchi.”   Tetchi returned to the ring and the tow locked up Collar and Elbow.  Back in the corner, Braddick delivered a stiff blow to Tetchi.  As you may have guessed, Tetchi left the ring to talk to North.

When Tetchi returned to the ring, Braddick had a plan for him.  As Tetchi went for the Collar and Elbow, Braddick ducked underneath his arms and got behind Tetchi.  Braddick delivered a Back Suplex, taking Tetchi to the mat.  Tetchi regained his feet but appeared to be more cautious of his opponent.  It was clear that Braddick had come to take care of business.

Both men ran at each other and collided with a thunderous boom.  Neither man gave an inch.  So they tried it again.  Bouncing off the Ring Ropes, they collided again, with no effect.  Looking at each other, they hit the Ropes again and collided with the same results.  It was the unmovable object with the unstoppable force.

North yelled something at Tetchi, when Tetchi looked at North, Braddick grabbed Tetchi with a standing Head Lock.  Tetchi shoved Braddick off and into the ropes.   Braddick bounced off the Ropes and caught Tetchi with a Body Slam.  The whole Ring shook from the Body Slam.  Tetchi got back up and Braddick Body Slammed him again.  As Tetchi rose on shaky feet, Braddick delivered a third Body Slam.

You can guess the next part.  Tetchi rolled out of the ring to Ryan North.  Referee Kyle Carver began the 10 count.  When he got to 8, Braddick stopped him.  He told Carver “he came here to wrestle not to win by a count out.”  Carver stopped the count.  Tetchi returned to the Ring.

As the two were about to lock up, Tetchi raked the eyes of Braddick.  Braddick went to his knees and Tetchi began to pound on him.  Tetchi was relentless on his onslaught.  He battered Braddick from Pillar to Post.  At one time, even use the ropes to his advantage.

Braddick was able to blast out of the corner with a devastating Clothesline to Tetchi.  Tetchi went down to the mat and Braddick covered him.  At this time, Ryan North jumped onto the Ring Apron, distracting Carver.  Braddick would have gotten more than a 3 count if it had not been for North.   When Carver realized the pinning situation, it was too late, Tetchi was able to kick out.

Throughout the match both parties tried pinning attempts only to have the other to kick out.  Every time Tetchi got into trouble, North interfered.  At one point, Braddick was laying in the corner about to spear Tetchi, when North grabbed Braddick’s boot.  Braddick kicked North, knocking him to the floor.  Tetchi grabbed Braddick in a Choke Hold while Braddick was on the mat.  The Referee counted and finally disqualified Tetchi.

Tetchi refused to let the choke hold go.   North yelled at Tetchi to “keep it on him.”    Ben Masters came to Ringside and told North “to make Tetchi release the Hold.”  North Refused.  About that time, a cheer went up from the crowd.  Looking around, I saw Cowboy Dennis Gale walking to Ringside with a Wrench and a purpose.

Gale told North “to leave the building, that he was banned from the building for the rest of the night.”  When North complained, Gale raised the wrench.  North said something to Gale that I didn’t hear but Gale did like it.  He chased North from the Building, swinging the wrench the whole time.  Tetchi decided that he might try Dennis Gale, but the Cowboy had other plans, the wrench came into play.  The Cowboy was trying to bat a 1000.  Tetchi soon left the building.

 Scotty Beach & Fry Daddy vs. Cameron Jackson & Stunt Marshall

I had met Fry Daddy previously earlier in the evening and only talked to him briefly.  Other than that, these four wrestlers from WrestleMerica, I was unfamiliar with.  Scotty Beach and Fry Daddy are part of the Good Brothers Dojo with Tyson Dean.  I had heard that Scotty has a fascination with a Pool Noodle.  This was going to be interesting.

Cameron Jackson and Stunt Marshall combined, make up the Hate Club.  They had posted earlier on Facebook that they hate coming to Dothan along with hating most everything else.  They entered the Building to a healthy dosage of “boo’s” from the fans.   All this seemed to do is make them hate it more.

Scotty Beach and Frye Daddy entered to cheers from the fans.  On a side note, Scotty Beach as trained by the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.  Scotty did have a yellow Pool Noodle.  Both wrestlers greeted the fans at ringside while Jackson and Marshall stood in the ring yelling at them.

Upon entering the ring, Scotty began using his Pool Noodle like a whip.  Jackson and Marshall quickly left the ring.  I did not know that a Pool Noodle would make a crack when hitting the canvas like that.  I’m thinking, it would probably hurt getting hit by one.  Scotty placed his Noodle in the ring post and began to spin it.  He told the fans it “was a radar.”

Marshall and Daddy started for each team.  They locked up and each tried to get the upper hand.  Each of the competitors jockeyed for the top position.  Marshall caught Daddy in an Arm Lock and began to twist on his left arm.  Daddy was able to get out of the hold and then returned the favor to Marshall.

Scotty was tagged in and continued to work on the arm of Marshall.  Scotty at one time used the ring ropes to put pressure on the arm of Marshall.  A pin was attempted by Scotty but Marshall kicked out.  Daddy was tagged back in and continued to work on Marshall.  The quick tags of the Good Brothers kept Marshall off his game.

However, Marshall was finally able to get into his corner and tag in Jackson.  Jackson delivered a crushing blow to the back of Daddy.  Jackson began to try and wear Daddy down by a Sitting Head Lock, making Daddy bare his weight as well as Jackson’s.  Jackson tried a pin, but Daddy kicked out.

Both teams battled fiercely trying to pin the other.  Several pin attempts were tried but to no success.   In and out of the ring the participants went.  This match came to a close when Daddy pinned Jackson.  However it was not over.  The Pool Noodle came out when Marshall tried to rush the ring.  The Good Brothers celebrated with the Pool Noodle to the cheers of the fans.


The Monster Pain vs. Pure Goodness

As mentioned above, Ryan North was banished from the building by Cowboy Dennis Gale.  North is also the Manager of Pure Goodness.  So I wondered how that would play out.  I soon got my answer.  Pure Goodness’ entrance music hit and out walked 400lbs of Pure Goodness with the Masked Assassin.  That answers my question.

Let me interject something here about the Masked Assassin.  The Masked Assassin is known for back jumping people, interfering in matches and I have heard of him drinking your last Mt. Dew, and stealing cookies from the Girl Scouts.  I had my picture made with earlier in the night.  I asked him to give me 2 thumbs up.  Actually I did that so I could watch his hands.  Also, I had my hand on my wallet the whole time.

The two walked to where Ben Masters was standing.  Ben told Goodness that the Masked Assassin couldn’t stay.  He had to leave the ring area.  Goodness protested but Ben stuck to his guns and made the Assassin leave the area.  Goodness grabbed the microphone stating how he was being cheated, that the Assassin was only out here to watch and learn.

The Monster Pain’s music hit and the fans went wild.  Pain entered the building with the WrestleMerica Bullet Proof Championship Belt.   The last meeting between Goodness and Pain ended with Goodness getting disqualified for a crotch shot to Pain.  Pain had that intense look in his eyes that he was not happy and was there to retribution.

Both wrestlers got into the ring.  Referee Kyle Carver checked both wrestlers.  The two met in the center of the ring.  After a stare down, the two giants began to rain blows down on each other.  Goodness was able to force Pain back to the ring ropes.  He then slung Pain across the ring to try a Clothesline.  However, pain ducked the move, bounced off the ring ropes and hit Goodness with a Spear, driving the big man to the canvas.

Goodness rolled out of the ring to recover.  However, that was short lived when Pain attacked him outside the ring.  Pain began to land blows on Goodness and one point driving him to the floor.  Goodness recovered and was quickly back on the offense.  He landed blows on Pain.  He then slammed Pain back against the ring apron.    Rolling Pain back into the ring, Goodness went for the pin, but Pain kicked out.

Goodness began to hit Pain with a closed fist.  Kyle Carver stepped in and admonished Goodness for that rule infraction.  Goodness began using the ropes to choke Pain.  He broke before the Referee reached the 5 count.

Pain rallied back against Goodness.   Slinging him across the ring, off the ropes and catch him with a blow.   Pain then used the ring ropes to choke Goodness.  Pain released this hold before the 5 count.  He then delivered 2 running squashes on Goodness.

Rising from the canvas, Goodness began trading blows with Pain.  He drove Pain to the canvas and then applied a modified Front Face Lock, pulling Pain’s head back.  Pain was able to reach for the ring rope, thus breaking the hold.  Goodness gave a splash to Pain’s back before going back to the Front Face Lock.

Pain was able to get to the ropes again.  Pain was able to get back to a Vertical Base and went after Goodness.  At one point, Pain had his foot in Goodness’ throat from a standing position.   These two competitors may be huge but they move like Welterweights.

Goodness fought back, getting Pain off his feet.  Goodness stood on Pain’s chest.  He picked Pain up and delivered a devastating front Slam.  Goodness began to climb the ropes, possibly to finish Pain.  However, pain regained his feet and caught Goodness, slamming him backwards onto the canvas.  Pain quickly mounted to the top ring rope and performed a flawless Moonsault onto Goodness.  Carver counted 1-2-3.

Pain left the arena area.  Goodness rolled out of the ring and grabbed the microphone from ben Masters.  Goodness blamed the fans, the company, the officials and I think he even blamed the concession stand lady (Hannah Shilling) for cheating him.    He then stated that even Dennis Gale was to blame.  You remember the old E.F. Hutton Commercials?  That is how it was.  You could have heard a pin drop.

I knew what was coming and I was right.  The roar of the fans proved it.  Cowboy Dennis Gale walked out with his wrench.  Words were exchanged.  Wait a minute, let me clarify that.   Gale spoke and Goodness listened.  Gale promised Goodness that they would meet in the future and he “would stuff his butt in the plastic garbage” that he held.  This is definitely over between these two.

Tyson Dean vs. Paul Jordaine

Time for the Main Event.  The WrestleMerica Champ, Tyson Dean vs Paul Jordaine.  Tyson also holds the SOAR Wrestling Championship.  Both contestants made their way to ringside.   During their entrance, I was surprised to see that Tyson was booed by parts of the crowd.  I have never seen that before. I have never seen Jordaine before.  I am here to tell you, he is a big ole boy.

The bell was rung and both wrestlers shook hands in a show of respect and good sportsmanship.  The two gladiators circled each other, feeling each other out, looking for a weakness.  They tied up Collar and Elbow   Jordaine had the height and weight advantage over Tyson.

Jordaine backed Tyson into the corner but Tyson was able to power out, getting out of the corner.  Again the two ties up, with Jordaine pushing Tyson back into the corner.  Tyson was able to duck out from underneath Jordaine’s arm, thus getting away again.

Tyson was able to get behind Jordaine and apply a Waist Lock.  Jordaine got to the ropes, thus breaking the hold.  The two traded Arm Locks with Tyson winning this challenge, taking Jordaine to the canvas, where he applied a Head Lock.  The two battled back and forth, trading various holds with neither one getting the upper hand.

The tide turned in Jordaine’s favor when Jordaine slung Tyson into the corner.  Tyson jumped up as Jordaine charged.   Tyson went over the top of Jordaine but landed wrong, as his left leg buckled.  Jordaine saw this and began to work on the injured leg.  Jordaine was relentless on the onslaught of trying to injury Tyson’s leg more.

Several times, Tyson made a comeback only to be put back on the canvas with a blow to the injured leg.  Jordaine tried several pin attempts but Tyson was able to kick out before the 3 count.  Jordaine took Tyson to the end of the ring, slamming the injured leg against the edge of the ring.  The two battled outside the ring before Jordaine finally rolled Tyson back into the ring.

Back in the ring, it appeared that Jordaine was about to make another pin attempt when John Saxon and Ashton Slaughter stormed the ring.   Saxon and Slaughter attacked both competitors.  The onslaught was nothing but a true beat down. The roar of the crowd announced that help was on the way.  Scotty Beach and Fry Daddy entered the ring to help fellow Good Brother Tyson.  Saxon and Slaughter beat a hasty retreat.

Helping Tyson to his feet as well as Jordaine, everyone in the ring watched as Saxon and Slaughter smiled as they walked from the ring area.  Jordaine left the ring, clearly mad for interference of Saxon and Slaughter.  Scotty and Fry helped Tyson from the ring.

So we came to the end of the matches.  I ended up shooting 7,397 photos of the event.  WrestlMerica returns to Barnsville, Georgia on September 8th, 2018 and Continental Championship Wrestling returns to Blakely, Georgia on September 15, 2018.  If you have never been to a live Professional Wrestling Match, you need to attend one.  The excitement of the crowd, the intensity of the wrestlers as well as the interaction between the wrestlers and fans is unimaginable .

Author with the Birthday girl Philena Reeves
Fry Daddy with a young fan
Fry Daddy with Hannah Shilling
Gary Carr
Hannah Shilling keeps the concessions going
Kimball Howell, Richard Brunner and Philena Reeves
Kimberlee Dart
Paul Jordaine with fans
Paul Jordaine with the Rowdy Front Row Ladies
Referee Kyle Carver
Referee Larry Brock
Scotty Beach
Some of the great CCW Fans
Tabitha Cole and Me
The Author and the Masked Assassin
The Birthday Crew Richard Georgianna and Philena
The Monster Pain with Richard Bruner

 Bobby Inman is retired from Law Enforcement after 21 years of Service.  He is a Consultant for Southern Heritage Gun & Pawn in Tuscumbia.   He has articles published in Law & Order Magazine, Police Marksman Magazine, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement Magazine as well as several published ebooks on Amazon, Kobo Writing, as well as Nook (Barnes & Noble).  He is owner of Poopiedog, an Animal Rescue Dachshund, who is his constant companion.   He is a Senior Investigative Reporter for the Quad Cities Daily.  Bobby is the Photographer for Continental Championship Wrestling. 

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