The Blessing Project … We Still Need You

by Lynn McMillen
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Tuscumbia-The Blessing Project is still in full swing…here is another open letter from the Fine Folks at The ARC of The Shoals:




Dear Shoals,

Inspectors from the life safety code division of Alabama’s Department of Mental Health inspected our new homes this past week. Their role is to insure homes are as safe as possible for people who will live in them. We share that goal.

To the average person some of their requirements seem “a little excessive.” I have to admit we were shocked when we learned a bedroom in one of the homes could not be used as a bedroom. The reason? The doorway opens into the kitchen. This is defined as a fire hazard.

Suddenly we realized we were faced with a serious remodel of one of the homes and more man and woman hours than anticipated on some of the others. We did what our organization has learned to do well. We backed up and punted.

With the help of some awesome contractors, fabulous volunteers, an extraordinary staff, and the full cooperation of the Sheffield Housing Authority, we made a new plan. Painting and sprucing were put on hold until our new list is completed.

By next week we will return to painting, pulling up flooring, slapping down polyurethane, and making the homes beautiful.

Volunteers, we still need you! We will be in touch very soon.  If you would like to find out more and just how to reach us give us a call at 256.383.1472 or send an email to


Thank you so much !

The Arc of The Shoals



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