The Alabama Physical Activity and Nutrition Plan to Improve Health Behaviors announced by the Alabama Wellness Alliance

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MONTGOMERY-The Alabama Wellness Alliance (AWA), previously the Alabama Obesity Task Force, has released the Alabama Physical Activity and Nutrition Plan (ALPAN), which is supported by the governor of Alabama and the state health officer. Low rates of physical activity, poor nutritional intake, food insecurity, chronic diseases, and obesity are public health concerns throughout the United States, especially in Alabama.
Leaders and decision makers in the state recognize the significant impact of a healthy diet and adequate physical activity on improving health outcomes. The ALPAN utilizes the Social Ecological Model to provide a roadmap for creating a healthier Alabama through practical, evidence-based physical activity and nutrition strategies to produce long-term health benefits for individuals in the state.
Members and non-members of the AWA, from a wide range of regions and multidisciplinary sectors of the state, contributed their expertise, knowledge, and experience to the development of a plan that is realistic, achievable, and appropriate for Alabama. Goals and detailed objectives and recommendations for physical activity and nutrition strategies for sectors across the state, including business and industry; education; fitness and sports; healthcare; non-profit; volunteer, and faith-based organizations; public health; public lands, parks, and recreation; and transportation, community planning, and access are provided in the ALPAN.
The ALPAN seeks to address health disparities and ensure every person can achieve optimal health regardless of where they work, live, worship, and play. Policymakers, health professionals, and all Alabamians are encouraged to access and utilize the ALPAN, which can be found here:

Media Release/ Molly Killman, MS, RD, LD, Alabama Department of Public Health   

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