Sheffield Mayor to meet with Old Railroad Bridge Co. Board (ORBC)

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The City of Sheffield, led by Mayor Ian Sanford will lead a recently formed committee to discuss the transfer of The Old Railroad Bridge to city ownership.  Mayor Sanford has requested an initial meeting with the Officers and Board of Directors of The Old Railroad Bridge Co., Inc.  The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 23, 2011 at 4:30pm in the Sheffield City Hall 2nd floor conference room.
The meetings agenda is to develop of a plan of action to facilitate transfer of ownership of the bridge and establishment of a preliminary scope on maintenance and management.  Also to be discussed is the future vision for the bridge to make it an even better amenity and attraction for the City of Sheffield and the entire Shoals area.
May Sanford has indicated that the following persons will be on the committee he is leading; City Councilman Gary Scales (District 4) and City Councilman Steve Stanley (District 5).  Representing the ORBC will be Terry Graves, President, James Bedsole, Secretary and other members of the Board of Directors.  Additionally, Sheffield City Attorney Vince McAlister and ORBC Attorney Tom Heflin have been requested to participate in the meeting.
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