Russellville Man Could Face Life in Prison

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Harry Wayne RobertsRUSSELLVILLE – Harry Wayne Roberts, 48, has been put in jail after police brought about the accusation that he raped a woman from Mississippi at a motel. If convicted of this First-degree rape charge, Roberts could be facing 10 years to life in prison.

Police say the rape occurred Saturday morning at the Four Way Motel on U.S. 43, but Roberts was not charged until Wednesday.

Roberts has been charged with first-degree rape. Police allege that Roberts raped a 26 year old woman who was employed by him. Police reports say that a woman had been working for Roberts for approximately one month; hired to drive cars to his used car lot in Mississippi. According to the unidentified woman , Roberts had arranged transportation to bring her to the Tuscumbia motel. The report says  she believed she was there to drive a vehicle back to Mississippi.

Police say she was then brought into the motel room by the people that drove her there, and after a few minutes of waiting, Roberts covered in only a towel stepped out of the shower.

The woman says he then proceeded to take his towel off, grab her, slam her onto the bed and ripped her clothes off.

According to the woman, once Roberts was finished, he looked to the people her who brought her there and told them to take her back to Mississippi. The man and woman who took the woman to the motel have yet to be found, but Roberts is being held in the Tuscumbia City Jail on a Bail of $75,000.

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