Rapist on the loose – Sheffield Chief says victim is 55 year-old

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Greg Ray - Sheffield Chief of Police

Greg Ray – Sheffield Chief of Police


SHEFFIELD – Chief Greg Ray told news media this afternoon that area law enforcement are conducting an intensive investigation to locate the man responsible for the forcible rape of a Sheffield woman.

The violent rape took place Tuesday evening at the Colbert Square Apartments, just across the street from the High School baseball field. Detectives were on the scene shortly after 7:00pm Tuesday night. According to Chief Ray, the man, described as African-American, light complexion, wavy-hair, in his mid-to-late 20’s and slender, knocked on the victim’s door. He forced his way into the apartment and proceeded to assault the woman.

“It was particularly violent rape,” said Ray, “He tried to clean up the evidence before he left. But he didn’t do that good of a job. There was a lot of his blood left behind. This lady broke one of those big, heavy glass ashtrays against his skull. So there was plenty of DNA. We’re going to find him.”

Colbert Square Apartments - Sheffield

Colbert Square Apartments – Sheffield

Ray said that the rapist  forced the naked woman outside her apartment so she could point out which car was hers. She was locked outside. He absconded with the car and abandoned it only a few blocks away from the apartment complex. The car and crime scene have been thoroughly processed for evidence.

“We want the public to know that this guy’s out there somewhere. I really wanted to keep this under wraps for a while longer while we developed more leads, but I couldn’t do that in good conscience.” Ray continued, “I don’t want some unsuspecting woman to have this happen to her because she didn’t know this guy was loose in the area.”

Anyone who thinks they might know who this criminal is can help by calling the Sheffield Police Department at 256 383-1771.

You may listen to Chief Ray’s statement regarding the incident by playing the audio file below:

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