Meet and Greet The Sounds of The Shoals

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 Six Degrees of the Shoals Productions is having a series of “meet & greets” to help showcase the “New Sound of the Shoals”  which has been included in Relix.   See the blurb in their September magazine :

The New Sound of The Shoals

During the ‘60s and ‘70s, Muscle Shoals, Ala., was a musically fertile area where artists ranging from The Rolling Stones to Bob Dylan visited and recorded. Then, the Muscle Shoals hits started to dry up. But, in recent years, the magic has returned and The Shoals is once again a musical mecca. Cherokee Lair traces the area’s rich musical history and zooms in on Muscle Shoals’ current crop of buzz bands. While stylistically diverse, bands like The Pine Hill Haints, The Local Saints, Fiddleworms and Nightmare Boyzzz are all leading the charge behind Muscle Shoals’ renaissance.

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