Handy Photos – McFarland Park, Gas Studios, Massively Air Conditioned Party, Frostbite

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THE SHOALS – The Quad-Cities Daily was on hand shooting pictures throughout the 2012 W.C. Handy Music Festival. These photos are from Friday, July 27. We were at McFarland Park, Gas Studios in Tuscumbia, The super cool Massiveli Air Conditioned Indoor Street Festival, and finally Frostbite in North Florence.

We hope that you find yourself in here. Below the slideshow, you will find the actual photos. If you find one that you would like to download or print, click on that thumbnail to get to the large image.

Just remember, these photos are provided free for your personal, NON-COMMERCIAL use only. Enjoy!

Please be patient while the page loads. This is a large amount of data. Thanks!

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