Geeks, Greeks and Creeks… That was our Saturday

by Steve Wiggins
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NORTH ALABAMA – Saturday began like any other Saturday. Cups of strong coffee. Feeding the pets. Taking a few aspirin. Looking at the event schedule for the day.

There appeared to be some kind of disturbance in The Force

Out there in the Aether, as we were gathering our camera kit for the day’s assignment, we could sense stone points; hear distant drums…

To the East, if you were very still and closed your eyes, you could catch the aroma of some of the most gosh-awful deep-fried whatever on the planet…

This was the weekend for Quad-Cities Daily correspondents Sheri and Steve Wiggins. We are working on the photo essays, and expect to have for your perusal shortly.


Greeks. (Yeah, we know it’s GREASE… Give us a break, it’s Sunday morning.)

Creeks. (And numerous other Tribes!)







































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