Florence Police Department Team up with Nextdoor

by Roger Murphy
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FLORENCE-The Florence Police Department released a statement concerning the new program they are using to help keep Florence neighborhoods safe:

 “The Florence Police Department has partnered with Nextdoor.com to help connect and personalize information in our community. Nextdoor.com is a free service to residents.

Several months ago we began looking at the best options to provide specific information to specific areas of our community. Nextdoor is the answer. The system allows our officers to push information into specific neighborhoods in a timely manner. For instance, if a rash of burglaries were to occur in North Florence, we now have the ability to provide crime information specific to your neighborhood.

In researching our options we spoke with several communities across the region that use Nextdoor and all are pleased. In fact, more than 1500 Florence residents were already on the system and using the service in their neighborhoods.

So how does it work? When a resident signs up  for Nextdoor the system will ask them for their address and a means of verification (last four of a social security number, last four of a debit card that is billed to the address, or a cell phone number registered to the address), this allows the company to confirm that you do in fact live where you claim. The information you provide isn’t shared or used for any other purpose.

Once a person signs up they are able to communicate with others in their neighborhood, seek solutions to concerns, sell items, socialize, and keep each other informed about items of interest to their neighborhood. No other neighborhood sees your posts.

The benefit to our department is the speed of information release. I think back to cases where children or family members with disabilities have wandered away from home, had we had this system we could have quickly provided pictures and information about the missing person to the specific area where they were believed to be located. From an information perspective, our community using the free app and service will have a tremendous impact.

The system also allows the user to direct message our staff. The police department will assign staff members to post to the system based on their assignment and community members can respond directly back to us. Since we put the system online early this morning we have already received more than 20 requests for information. I think that shows that our community has buy in and wants to help keep our area safe.

More information about this new tool can be found at www.nextdoor.com


If you have an emergency, please contact us directly by call 911 or 256-760-6610. We cannot ensure a timely response to Nextdoor requests.
We look forward to connecting with you on Nextdoor to build stronger, safer neighborhoods throughout Florence​.”


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