Ella the Elf Gingerbread House Contest Winners

by Holly Hollman
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ATHENS-From the imagination of a 6-year-old (who is now 7) the inaugural Ella the Elf Gingerbread House Contest was born.

Ella Lovvorn, a Lindsay Lane Christian Academy student, scheduled a meeting with Mayor Ronnie Marks earlier this year and discussed her ideas and dreams and suggested the contest. She met with Mayor Marks a second time to go over logistics of her event, and worked with the Mayor’s Office and Athens Arts League on flyers, score sheets and judging criteria.

Dekko Foundation attended one of Ella’s meetings with Mayor Marks and sent a donation in support of her efforts, calling it Civics 101 in action!

Ella’s idea became reality today at the Athens Activity Center Athens Alabama.

Ella the Elf and her fellow judges City of Athens Gas Department Manager Steve Carter, Athens Mayor’s Youth Commission member Cavahni McNeill, and Athens High School mascot Elrod the Eagle inspected 17 creations.

The creations ranged from a gingerbread house with a pool to a gingerbread house with a flat rooftop to accommodate a snowman’s desire to lay in the cold. Another incorporated a welcome mat that said “Made of Love” and another showcased what would happen if a Santa hat bomb exploded and Christmas covered the house in candy, icing and snacks.

All participants donated a toy that will go to Toys for Tots and Lincoln-Bridgeforth Park Committee’s bike/toy give-away.

All the participants received a goody bag and apron, and the winners received cash prizes. Per Ella, first place winners also got lava lamps.

Ella’s sister Isabella and her friend Hope, wore their press badges, and covered today’s festivities.They are writing a story about the event for The News Courier, so be sure to watch for that special edition!

Also, Ella did an interview with WAFF 48 News. She grabbed the microphone in order to be heard. Watch for the segment sometime this evening!

Thank you to everyone who had a part in embracing Ella’s idea and making today happen. Everyone applauded when asked if the event should return next year.

Kids + Community Engagement = Christmas Magic

Congratulations to the winners:

Age Group 5 to 7:
First place, $100 cash and a lava lamp – Mahoney Lindsay
Second place, $75 – Pierce Causseaux
Third place, $50 – Team Charlie and Oliver Blaksley

Age Group 8 to 10:
First place, $100 cash and a lava lamp – Hannah Shirley
Second place, $75 – Elizabeth Bell
Third place, $50 – Rylin Griffin

Age Group 11-13
First place, $100 cash and a lava lamp – EllaGrace Sampieri
Second place, $75 – Zoey Miller
Third place, $50 – Ivy Bahro

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