ALEA Joins National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week 2024 to Combat Speeding and Distracted Driving

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MONTGOMERY– As National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week (NWZAW) 2024 kicks off from
April 15 to 19, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) reaffirms its commitment to ensuring the
safety of workers and motorists in work zones across the state with this year’s theme: “Work Zones are
temporary. Actions behind the wheel can last forever.”
Work zones are areas of heightened risk for both workers and drivers, where safety precautions are
paramount. ALEA recognizes the critical importance of maintaining vigilance in these areas and is proud
to participate in this national campaign to raise awareness about work zone safety.
ALEA Secretary Hal Taylor said, “Troopers within ALEA’s Highway Patrol Division play a pivotal role
as deterrents against speeding and distracted driving in work zones. With their extensive training and
dedication to public safety, Troopers are at the forefront of enforcing traffic laws and ensuring compliance
with work zone regulations. Through proactive patrolling and enforcement efforts, ALEA Troopers work
tirelessly to mitigate the risks associated with reckless driving behaviors, especially within work zones.”
Colonel Jonathan Archer, ALEA’s Department of Public Safety Director (DPS), emphasized the Agency’s
commitment to work zone safety, stating, “The safety of both workers and motorists in work zones is a
top priority for ALEA. We are fully dedicated to ensuring that our roads are safe for everyone, and our
Troopers are instrumental in achieving this goal through their enforcement efforts and community
outreach initiatives.”
During National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week 2024, ALEA urges all motorists to exercise caution
and obey posted speed limits and signage in work zones. By adhering to traffic laws and staying alert
behind the wheel, drivers can help prevent accidents and protect the lives of workers and fellow travelers.
The 2024 weeklong national commemoration include:
• Work Zone Safety Training Day – April 15
• National kickoff event – April 16
• Go Orange Day – April 17
• Social media storm – April 18
• Moment of Silence – April 19. The moment of silence was started in 2022 to remember the men
and women whose lives were lost in a work zone incident.
For more information about work zone safety and ALEA’s efforts to promote safe driving practices, visit or follow ALEA on social media @ALEAProtects.
For additional information on the national NWZAW week and additional resources visit: NATIONAL


Media Release/Senior Trooper Cody Farrar/Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

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