NTP Held An Early Morning Traffic Safety Checkpoint June 4

by Lynn McMillen
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TUPELO – Natchez Trace Parkway officers conducted a traffic safety checkpoint just south of the City of Tupelo during the early peak commute hours on June 4, 2023. This checkpoint was designed to remove unlawfully operated vehicles, such as impaired or unlicensed drivers, from the Parkway during peak traffic.  


“These safety checkpoints allow our officers to educate the drivers and enforce violations they encounter,” stated Chief Ranger Prashant Lotwala. “If you are operating a motor vehicle, you must have a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance and a valid vehicle registration before getting in the driver’s seat. The Parkway is a safe roadway to enjoy a leisurely drive, and officers will continue to use safety checkpoints to ensure that it stays that way,” Lotwala continued. 


Over 650 vehicles were screened in a 5-hour period that resulted in 3 arrests, 23 vehicles towed, 30 tickets issued, and 58 warnings issued. Of those arrested, two were for driving while under the influence and one for a warrant. “The officer’s goal is to create a safe environment for all who use the Parkway, and this operation was a great success toward that goal,” added Supervisory Park Ranger John Hearne.  


The Parkway does not receive any money from tickets written by rangers. All fines go to the Office for Victims of Crimes to aid victims of crimes committed on federal lands. 

Media Release/Jane Allen Farmer
NTP Park Ranger, Interpretation

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