Geeks raise almost $900 for Charity – Sometimes being a geek is a good thing…

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THE SHOALS – They named it themselves. “The Geek Gathering” – A first for The Shoals. It raised $863-dollars for Big Brothers – Big Sisters, according to Nick Franks and Gina Mashburn. Nick is one of the principals of On The Rocks, and Gina heads up the charity organization that serves at-risk children.

The money will be used to assist Big Brothers – Big Sisters in their daily operations.

There’s more good news for Big Brothers – Big Sisters, looks like the Geeks are planning another Gathering for next year. We predict that they will need a larger venue. So, all you closet geeks… Get started on next year’s outfits!

Want to revisit this year’s Geek Gathering photos? CLICK HERE!

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