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IMG_7489 copyCOLBERT COUNTY – As advertised, the FAME Ranch Roundup was a great success. The 2-day event was a horse riding, food cooking, music listening good time up at Rick Hall’s place on the rolling hills off Ligon Springs. The 2nd annual shindig was held to support the FAME Girl’s Ranch, part of the Alabama network of Alabama Sheriff’s Youth Ranches.

The Quad-Cities Daily was there Friday evening to record the first night’s festivities with EVENT PHOTOS and we present them her. In these pics, you will see recorded a rare visual treat. To wit: Photos of legendary record-producer Rick Hall performing on stage. Rick, who owns FAME Ranch and generously provides support to the Girl’s Ranch facilities there, played his mandolin with the great guitarist Hugh Banks. It was a rare treat. It was also a great treat to see our friend, the legendary Kerry Gilbert! He was there with his family and performed on stage. We didn’t get any photos of Kerry, as it was quite past our bedtime.

These photos are nice and large and make excellent prints. So make yourself one! Just remember, they are for PERSONAL, NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY! They may not be republished without our expressed, written permission. Thanks!

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