City of Tuscumbia to Unveil New Street Signs

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TUSCUMBIA – The City of Tuscumbia will officially unveil new specially-designed street signs currently being installed in its historic district with a special unveiling ceremony on Wednesday, May 22, at 4:30 pm.


The celebration of the new street signs will take place at the corner of 3rd and Dickson Streets near St. John’s Episcopal Church.


Andrew Walker, chair of the Tuscumbia Historic Preservation Commission, and Mayor William Foster will officially unveil the signs, which were funded through a bond.


“I am excited to see the new signs that the City bought to be put up in the Historic District,” Foster said.  “The new signs will bring life to the City, and every visitor will know when they reach the Historic District.  It is such an upgrade for the city and the new look will be amazing.”


The specially-designed street signs will mark each intersection in the City’s Historic District, which runs from Commons to Commons. The street signs are the result of a multi-year project chaired by Walker, who had the vision to mark Tuscumbia’s historic district with distinct signage.

Andrew Walker,presents the new signs to the Tuscumbia City Council


“Tuscumbia’s historic district, uniquely outlined by its Commons, is truly a special place,” Walker said. “We have hundreds of homes whose preserved architecture significantly contributes to the historic fabric of our area.”


Walker said he wanted a way to highlight the historic district, while attempting to instill a renewed sense of pride in Tuscumbia’s history.


“Many of Tuscumbia’s current street signs had fallen into disrepair, “ he said. “We hoped that a broad sweeping sign replacement plan would not only improve the aesthetics of the city, but also contribute to Tuscumbia’s infrastructure.”


With a go ahead from the Commission and the Tuscumbia City Council, Walker researched to find an historically appropriate street sign design. Upon completion, all street signs will be replaced in the residential historic district, both East side and West side, as it was originally laid out in 1820.


“I want to especially thank former Mayor Underwood, Bo Stanley, and the city council for their support of this effort,” Walker said. “We look forward to working with Joel Kendrick and Mayor Foster as we begin the installation process. The Tuscumbia Historic Preservation Commission hopes to continue to find ways to improve Tuscumbia’s future by embracing so many wonderful elements of its past.”

Media Release/Dr. Lorie Johnson, Tuscumbia Historic Preservation Commission

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