An Interview with “Action” Mike Jackson

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.This article continues the exclusive interviews to the Quad Cities Daily with the athletes of Professional Wrestling.   We are writing these articles to expose you to the sport of Professional Wrestling.  We are working on, and have already published some of these interviews.  We want to share these interviews with wrestlers, that you may have grew up with or are seeing on today’s circuit.  This interview bridges both the ones that you grew up with and the ones you see on today’s circuit.

“Action” Mike Jackson is a legend in the Southeastern, Continental and Georgia Championship Wrestling Territories.  I can remember him wrestling when I was a teenager.  He wrestled some of the big talents in the Continental Championship Wrestling area.  He later became the ring announcer for Continental but I never knew why until I conducted this interview.

I met Mike Jackson at an event that I was covering in Kellyton, AL, just outside Alexander City.  I approached Mike that morning and introduced myself.  Mike was very cordial and open to speaking with me.  Ok, I confess, I had Mr. Olympia Jerry Stubbs call Mike and smooth the way for an interview.  That aside, Mike was open to an interview.  We scheduled the interview for later that night at the event.

That night, I was running around like the proverbial ‘Chicken with its head cut off.”    I walked right by Mike with a camera in one hand and my phone stuck to my ear.  He waved and told me “that whenever I was ready, we could do the interview. “  I got everything taken care of so I could sit down with Mike. 

Right off the bat, I noticed that Mike was very humble.  He sat and talked to me, but still took time to interact with the fans as they walked by.  I had 10 questions prepared for Mike.  His responses are in Italics, after the question.  Also, the following photos were taken by Tracey Inman.

Author interviews “Action” Mike Jackson as Anita McNeil and Georgiann Gentry look on

  1. Tell me about Mike Jackson. Your education, Upbringing, etc.

Action Mike Jackson and Bullet Bob Armstrong

“I was born and raised in the Birmingham area.  I played Baseball at Jefferson College.  I received Two Master Degrees from the University of Alabama.  I am 69 years old. I am in the best shape of my life.  I go the gym and work out still.   I would have to say that I give Glory to God in my upbringing and making me the man I am today.” 

Action Mike Jackson and Bullet Bob Armstrong


  1. How did you get into the Sport of Professional Wrestling?

“I started watching Professional Wrestling in 1967.  Then I started going to the TV Tapings for Wrestling held at Boutwell Auditorium.  I remember watching Len Rossi as well as Tojo Yamamoto in the TV Studios.  Later I helped Bob Holland set up the ring at various events.  I had my first match in 1972 against the Blue Demon.”

  1. You worked as a Wrestler for Continental Championship Wrestling and then later as a ring announcer.  Tell me about your time there.

“I was wrestling at Continental Championship Wrestling first.  Then I had to have surgery on my knees.  I did not have a full-time job so they let me do the Ring Announcing.  Gordon Solie was Color Commentary person and I did the ring announcements as well as the time-keeper duties. “  

  1. Gordon Solie

    Since you brought up Gordon Solie, let’s talk about him for a moment. I have interviewed other people in the business that have nothing but high praises for Gordon.  I have heard him called the “Dean of Professional Wrestling.”  What are your thoughts on Gordon ?


“Gordon Solie was the best color commentator/ interviewer around.  He never got loud while calling the matches.  He was calm and collective but got his message across.  He had studied Anatomy and used this knowledge while he talked about the matches.  He had a vast knowledge of the various holds and would combine that knowledge with anatomy and tell you what muscles or joints were being hurt due to the hold.  He was a good friend.



  1. While doing research on you for this interview, I found a website that had your stats on it. It also had that you had a feud with the Nature Boy Ric Flair.  Tell me about that.


“He is the greatest of all time.  He is very Flamboyant.  I have wrestled him in the Continental Area as well as the Georgia Championship area.  He rates right up there with Lou Thez and Harley Race.  He is very good at what he does.  What can I say?  He is Ric Flair. “


Ric Flair

  1. Who would you say is your toughest opponent is?


“Hmm.  Let me think a minute.  The toughest person I have wrestled has to be the Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer.  He was a very intense person. “

Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer


  1. What is Action Mike Jackson doing these days?

    Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer


I am retired or maybe I should say semi-retired.  I wrestle 1-2 days a week.  I do a lot of fundraisers.  I am fishing a lot

Rock & Roll Express

more lately.”


  1. IN the Continental Championship Wrestling area, you wrestled the “who’s, who’s.”  Who did you like working with the most?


I wrestled a lot of good people.  Some who went on to bigger and better things.  One person I liked working with was Dennis Condrey.  Dennis was a tough person and went on to find success as one half of the Midnight Express.  Another person I liked working with was Alex Martin.  Finally I would have to say that the Rock & Roll Express were a pleasure to work with.  Robert (Gibson) and Ricky (Morton) took the Rock & Roll Express to several territories and made it work.”


  1. My research told me that you were big into Softball.  Tell me about that?


“I love to play softball.  I play on a 70-year-old team as well as a 65-year-old team.  I have played all over the country.  I have been on 55 National Championship teams.”


  1. What would you like to say to the “Action” Mike Jackson fans out there?

“I want to thank them for their support.  Without them, there would be no wrestling.  I would like to invite them to join us at some of the various fundraisers I am doing.  We have a fundraiser in Chattanooga, TN coming up to help the Children’s Hospital.  It is called Wrestle for a Cure.  I will be there; the Rock & Roll Express and Jack Swagger will be there as well.  I will be 70 years old in November and still will wrestle with the best of them.”

Children’s Hospital.  It is called Wrestle for a Cure.  I will be there; the Rock & Roll Express and Jack Swagger will be there as well.  I will be 70 years old in November and still will wrestle with the best of them.”


Later that night, “Action” Mike Jackson and WWE Hall of Famer Bullet Bob Armstrong took on 2 wrestlers that were probably half their age.  Mike never should a sign of fatigue and losing a step in the ring.  Mike is famous for walking the top ring rope, all around the ring.  I can tell you that he did it that night.

In closing,  after hearing Mike’s answers about his softball career, I decided to do some more research.  I found the following on Mike Jackson:

Mike Jackson

Inducted November, 2010

    Mike Jackson began his NSA career as a player in Gadsden, Alabama in 1994. His love of the game of softball covers a span of approximately 20 years. His softball history reflects Mike as being named to the All Tournament Team and MVP in various NSA tournaments listed below:

1994 Class C State, Gadsden, AL

1995 Class C State, Gadsden, AL

1996 Class C NIT, Atlanta, GA

1996 Class C State, Cullman, AL

1997 Class C Super World, Atlanta, GA Worth Series, Atlanta, GA Class C State, Auburn, AL

1998 Class C Super World, St. Louis, MO

1999 Senior Major, Cullman, AL

2003 Senior Major, Cullman, AL

2007 Senior Major, Cullman, AL

2008 Senior Major, Cullman, AL

2010 Senior Major, Cullman, AL

    Mike was a role model to many players as he is known for his integrity and dedication to the game. He is a man to be admired for his sportsmanship and for setting his priorities in life: 1) God 2) Family 3) Personal. On November 3, 2010, Mike Jackson was inducted into the NSA Sports Hall of Fame in the Player Category.


Bullet Bob Armstrong show Mike Jackson, the Bullet Shuffle.


Bobby Inman is retired from Law Enforcement after 21 years of Service.  He has articles published in Law & Order Magazine, Police Marksman Magazine, Guns& Weapons for Law Enforcement Magazine as well as several published ebooks on Amazon, Kobo Writing, as well as Nook (Barnes & Noble).  He is owner of Poopiedog, an Animal Rescue Dachshund, who is his constant companion.  He is married to Tracey Inman.  Bobby and Tracey are photographers for Subtle & Slams Photography that specializes in Professional Wrestling Events.   He is a Senior Investigative Reporter for the Quad Cities Daily

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