CCW Freedom Fest, Dothan, AL 7-7-18

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  It was a hot summer night in Dothan, Alabama.  You could cut the tension in the air with a knife.  That sounds like lyrics from a Meat Loaf song.  However, this was not a song; this was live action and athleticism.  Fans began to pour into the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds for the Continental Championship Wrestling Freedom Fest held on July 7th, 2018.

The event took place 3 days after July 4th, the Independence Day for this great country of ours.  So, the theme for this event was saluting our First Responders, Law Enforcement, and Military personnel.  This people were able to attend the matches for free in honor of their Service.

The event started with a musical concert from Miss Michaelah Gale.  I have reported before that Miss Gale has an incredible voice and has a future in the music business.  Basically “that girl can sang.”

After the concert, Announcer Ben Masters came out and began to greet the fans, getting them ready for a night of Professional Wrestling.

The event began with the National Anthem.  Tabitha Cole’s son, Stephen and his friend Landon brought the Stars & Stripes to the ring.  I watched them and was happy to see they were very respectful and careful with the handling of the flag.  They were very careful to not let the flag touch the ground.  They stood in the Ring; Tall and Proud as the National Anthem was played.  I am very proud of these two young men that they showed the proper respect to our Great Flag in this time when some people do not.

Ben Masters made the announcement that the event was about to start.  Walking to ringside to begin taking photos of the event, I observed several people from the Quad Cities Area that had made the trip to Dothan to enjoy a night of Professional Wrestling.  I walked over and spoke to several of them, thanking them for joining us.  The bell rang; it was time for the first match.

Dax Anthony vs. Zane BTY  Stevens

The first match was Dax Anthony against Zane BTY Stevens.  Kyle Carver was the referee.  Dax entered the ring area is his usual flamboyant way.  Stevens entered next, determination clearly on his face.  The two locked up when Stevens was able to apply a headlock.  Dax was able to get out of it and apply a head scissor while on the canvas.  Stevens was able to get out of this painful hold.

The two athletes had a test of strength with Dax going down to his knees.   Stevens turned this into a Reserve Headlock.  Dax was able to get out of the hold.  Getting back to his feet, Dax took off his wrist straps and began choking Stevens with them.  Dax began pounding on Stevens with his fist but Kyle quickly broke that up.

Dax slung Stevens into the ropes and executed a flying press that appeared to hurt both of them.  Stevens recovered first and tried for a pin attempt, which Dax kicked out of.  Regaining their feet, Stevens tried to whip Dax into the corner but Dax reversed it, slinging Stevens into the corner.  Dax charged at Stevens where he was met with an elbow.

Stevens started climbing toward the top ring rope but Dax caught him.  Grabbing Stevens’ leg, he pulled him off the ring ropes, causing Stevens to strike the canvas hard.

The match between the two continued on.  Neither really got an upper hand.  There were strikes, headlocks, camel clutch, chokes and blatant fists thrown by both.  At one point, Dax ran at Stevens and Stevens delivered a chop across his chest that resounded throughout the arena.  Stevens gave Dax another chop across the chest.  I cringed at this one.  I was reminded of Ric Flair or Chief Wahoo McDaniel the way that the chop sounded.  Dax tried to cover up but Stevens was able to deliver a third chop to the chest that put Dax down.

Stevens covered Dax for the pin as Kyle counted.  Stevens was your winner of this bout.  Both athletes gave their all during this match.

Dani Jordyn vs The Priscilla Kelly

The Priscilla Kelly is known for her role in the TV show “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.”   She has now transformed herself into a Professional Wrestler.  She arrived at ringside first, walking around the ring, not really acknowledging the fans.  Entering the ring, she sat in the corner, on the turnbuckle, waiting for her opponent.

She did not have to wait long.  Dani Jordyn ran to ringside.  She went around the ring, shaking hands with all the fans.  Larry Brock was the referee for the event.    Dani climbed into the ring and the fans were on the edge of their seats anticipating the action between these two female gladiators.

Priscilla asked for a microphone, which she was given.  She began to berate the fans, downing them, getting them into an angry fit.  She felt that being in Dothan, Alabama was beneath her.  She further told Dani that she would not amount to anything in the Professional Wrestling Business unless she changed her attitude.

Dani got the microphone from Priscila and responded to her.  Dani let her know that these fans she had downgraded had paid good hard-earned money to be there that night.  The microphone was handed off and the action was slated to start.

The bell was rung and Priscilla rushed Dani, rolling her up for the pin.  However, from where I was standing I saw that Priscilla had pulled Dani’s tights so that Dani could not have kicked out of the pin attempt.   After letting Dani go, Priscilla began her celebration.  However this was short-lived.

Dani became incensed, rushing Priscilla, taking her off her feet and the battle began.  This battle quickly spilled outside the ring.  Referee Kyle Carver came out to help Larry Brock to break them. Up.  Just a note for Kyle and Larry, have you not heard the old adage “never get between two women fighting.”  The two refs had a hard time breaking them up.

They were finally separated and they returned to the locker rooms.  I don’t think you have seen the last of these two.

The Monster Pain vs Pure Goodness

This match was the battle of the Giants, with the Monster Pain at 295 lbs and Pure Goodness at 400 lbs.  Both combatants entered the ring, staring at each other from across the ring.  The bell rang and like a charging Rhino, the Monster Pain ran across the ring, slamming into Pure Goodness.  Pain landed lightning blows to Goodness until he was lying flat on the canvas with Pain standing over him.

Goodness was able to regain his footing and landed several blows on Pain, driving him back to the opposite corner.  Goodness pushed Pain’s head back over the turn buckle.  Referee Kyle Carver began the count to make Goodness to release Pain.  Goodness released Pain and the two Goliaths traded blows with each other in the center of the ring.

Pain whipped Goodness into the ropes, laying him out in the ring.  Goodness left the ring and went to the floor area.  Pain went after him.  They traded fists to the head before Goodness slammed Pain back against the ring.  Carver continued the count to get both men back into the ring.

Once back in the ring, Goodness began to hammer on Pain, even trying a pin attempt.  Goodness locked Pain in a front face lock trying to wear Pain down.  Letting Pain go, Goodness got up and dropped a devastating elbow onto the back of Pain.  Getting back up, Goodness delivered another elbow drop.

Pain was able to break free and delivered several knee drops to the back of Goodness with use of the ring ropes.  Pain used the ring ropes to choke Goodness.  Getting back up on the ring apron, Pain executed a leg drop onto Goodness.  Getting Goodness back into the center of the ring, Pain delivered a thunderous Spear to Goodness.

Pain climbed to the top of the ring ropes and flew across the ring, dropping an elbow onto Goodness that shook the ring.  Pain attempted a pin on Goodness, but Goodness kicked out.  As Pain was picking Goodness up, Goodness delivered a crushing low blow to Pain.  Pain dropped to the canvas, withering in pain.  Goodness continued the onslaught on Pain.

Kyle Carver disqualified Pure Goodness for the blatant crotch shot to Pain.  Goodness left the ring area as Kyle tried to help Pain to his feet.  Pain rolled out of the ring.  While Kyle was trying to help Pain, Goodness came from around the other side of the ring.  Kyle told him to leave the ring area, which he did.  Kyle helped Pain to his feet and led him from the ring area.

“Wildcat “ Wendall Cooley & Frankie “The Thumper” Lancaster

During intermission, everyone noticed that “Wildcat” Wendall Cooley and Frankie “The Thumper” Lancaster was sitting in the back row seats of the arena.   Announcer Ben Masters walked over to them, to see what they were doing since they were not scheduled for the Card that night.

After introducing the two Legends of Professional Wrestling to the crowd, Ben got right to the point asking them what they were doing at the arena since they were not scheduled to wrestle.  Cooley answered that “they had been part of Continental Championship Wrestling since the 1980’s and they were here scouting out future talent.  They had ideas that they were working on”

Ben then addressed “The Thumper”, stating that the “Tag Team of Cooley and Lancaster had not be defeated since their return.”  Lancaster confirmed this statement and further stated that “They had made good money in Continental Championship Wrestling and wanted to continue that.  They were interested in keeping their undefeated streak intact as well as continue getting the big checks.  They were looking to further their participation within the company, maybe branching off into other areas/”

Chic Donovan vs The Professional

This was a match between the Old Warrior and the Young Lion.  Chic and the Professional had met previously and there was a controversial outcome.  Chic is managed by Jivin’ Jerry Stubbs who has been known to interfere in Chic’s matches.    Also, the mysterious Masked Assassin had made previous appearances to help Chic out.

There had been some major stipulations added to this match.  If the Professional lost, he would remove his mask and show the world who he really was this whole time.  However, if Chic lost, he would have his head shaved.  I can remember Chic from his wrestling days back in WCW in the 1990s.  He has always had that head full of hair.  It was going to be interested.  Taking to fans before the match, everyone told me that they were to see Chic get his head shaved.

Chic entered the arena to the song “Sharp Dressed Man.”  He danced with several fans before entering the ring.  After being in the ring for several minutes, he motioned for Announcer Ben Masters.  Chic left the ring and began talking to Masters.  He announced to everyone that “his manager Jivin’ Jerry Stubbs had been called away on business and since he wasn’t there, the stipulations were null and void.”   Masters told him that the stipulations weren’t with Stubbs but with him.  Chic refused to wrestle.

At this time, the Big Kahuna himself, Cowboy Dennis Gale (Commissioner of Continental Championship Wrestling), made his way to ringside.  Gale told Chic that “he was going to wrestle or be fired.  I just got off the phone with CCW Commissioner Bob Armstrong and Bob said, you will wrestle or be fired.   I might even fine you while we are at it.”   Masters reminded Gale that Chic had not paid his fine from last month’s matches.

Chic continued to protest but Gale did not give in.  It was a fine and firing or wrestle, no other option.  Chic finally gave in and got back in the ring.  Gale left the ringside area.  The Professional made his way to the ring.

The match started with Chic quickly gaining the upper hand.  The two tied up and Chic took the Professional down to the canvas with a headlock.  The match went back and forth, but every time the Professional began to get the upper hand, Chic would slide out of the ring.  Chic continuous worked on the Professional’s leg.  However, in the end, it was not enough and the Professional pinned Chic.

Chic immediately rolled out of the ring and began yelling that he was not going to get his head shaved.  Before you know it, Dennis Gale returned to ringside with a pair of scissor.  The look in Dennis’; eyes told me that he was GOING to cut Chic’s hair.  Chic took off running toward the dressing rooms, grabbing his bag with car keys.  He jumped into his car and left the facility.  Dennis was right behind him, trying to catch him.  I was behind everyone, taking photos.

Dennis and I returned to the ringside area where the mysterious Masked Assassin stood.  I looked at Dennis and asked “where did he come from?’  Dennis began walking forward toward the Masked Assassin.  Then it was on.  Dennis landed the first blow, laying out the Masked Assassin.  I guess since Chic got away from Dennis and the hair cutting, Dennis was going to get some type of satisfaction.

While the Masked Assassin was down, Dennis began to working on getting the mask off of him.  Finally after working at it, Dennis got the mask off and threw it into the ring.   The Masked Assassin was able to get a towel on his head before anyone saw who he was.  He quickly ran from the ring area.

The Professional was still in the ring.  Getting the microphone, he told the crowd that they came to see a hair cutting or a mask coming off.  He felt like they got slighted on the hair cutting so he was going to make it right.  Without hesitation, he swiftly took his mask off, revealing it to be Ashton Slaughter.

Before Slaughter could leave the ring, John Saxon entered the ring area.  Ben Masters walked over to him and handed him a microphone.  Saxon told Slaughter that he saw something in him and he could help him to become a top performer.  Saxon told him to get with him if he was interested.  Saxon left the arena, shortly followed by Slaughter.

What ever happened to Chic?   As of this publishing date, now one has seen him.

Tyson Dean vs John Saxon

The Tyson Dean and John Saxon feud has been ongoing.  They have been in singles matches and even tag team matches with Jerry “The King” Lawler on Tyson’s side and Dr. Tom Prichard on Saxon’s side.  The match tonight was for the Wrestleamerica Championship Belt.  John Saxon was the first to enter the ring area.

It appears that Saxon did not learn his lesson at the last matches in Dothan with angering the ladies on the front row.  As soon as he could, he started in on Georgiann Gentry, Lisa Nolin and Anita McNeil.  If you read the last article on the review of the matches, you will be familiar with these names.  Saxon told them that Gillette would make a fortune with all the hairy legged ladies on the front row.   As you can imagine, that just got the front row going.

Tyson entered the ring area and went straight to the front row ladies, giving them hugs.  This made Saxon madder, causing him to start in with the front row again.  Kyle Carver was the referee for this match.  Carver checked both wrestlers for any foreign objects.  Saxon told Carver to check Tyson again, which Carver did.  I noticed that Saxon was wearing a dog chain type collar around his neck and had placed it on the ring post.  At that time, I did not think anything about it.

The two competitors looked up collar and elbow driving each other back to the corner.  Carver made them break apart.  Several times they locked up without either getting the upper hand.  Finally Tyson was able to execute a devastating arm drag, putting Saxon on the canvas.

Saxon was quickly back to his feet, as the two faced each other.  Saxon delivered a hard hand that drove Tyson to the canvas.  Tyson got back to his feet as the two locked up again.  Tyson threw Saxon into the ropes before catching Saxon in a high hip toss.  Saxon rolled out of the ring and called for a time out.  Remember the front row; they quickly let him know there was no time out in Wrestling.

Saxon stayed outside the ring making Tyson wait for him.  Tyson had enough and went outside the ring to get Saxon.  Saxon quickly went back into the ring.  As Tyson was climbing through the ring ropes to return to the ring, Saxon kicked the ring rope, delivering a crotch shot to Tyson.  Tyson rolled around on the canvas in agony.

Saxon began his onslaught on Tyson.  Using hard shots to the body, using the ring ropes to choke Tyson as well as body slams.  Tyson tried to make a comeback but Saxon continued to punish him.  At one point, Saxon lifted Tyson in a Suplex, holding Tyson Vertical, causing the blood to rush to Tyson’s head before slamming him to the canvas.

Tyson was able to shake off the onslaught and took Saxon outside the ring, delivering several chops to the chest.   Kyle Carver tried to get both men to get back into the ring.  As Tyson approached Saxon, he was met with a kick to the Stomach that stunned him.  Saxon followed up by slamming Tyson into the Guard Rail, surrounding the ring.

Getting back into the ring, both Gladiators continued back and forth.  Neither one was able to get the upper hand.  At one point, Tyson rushed at Saxon, pushing him into the corner.  However, Kyle was standing in the corner and all three men collided.  Kyle received the brute of the punishment.  He fell to the mat, dazed and possibly hurt.

Tyson went for a pin attempt was able to get a 5 count but there was no one to make the count.  Tyson went over to Kyle to check on him.  While Tyson was in the corner, Saxon went to where he had placed the dog collar chain.  Wrapping it around his fist, he waited for that moment.  When Tyson turned around, Saxon hit him with the chain, knocking him to the canvas.

Kyle was beginning to stir when Saxon went for the pin.  Kyle counted the pin on Tyson.  Saxon had beat Tyson Dean for the Wrestleamerrica Championship Title.  When Kyle handed Saxon the Title Belt, Saxon raised his hands and dropped the dog chain.  Kyle saw it and began to ask Saxon about it.  Saxon denied it.  Kyle went to the crowd and they confirmed his suspicions.  Kyle reversed his decision, disqualifying Saxon for use of the dog chain.

Saxon left the ring with the Title.  Ben Masters stopped him and told him that the Title was not his.  Saxon refused to give up the Title.  Tyson recovered in the ring and grabbed a microphone.  He told Saxon he was tired of all the underhanded tricks and they needed to be a match where there had to be a true winner.   Saxon gave the Title to Masters and left the arena area.  This isn’t over between these two.

Ron Fuller, Jimmy Golden & Bobby Golden vs Robert Fuller & The Dirty Blondes

This match is right out of the Hatfields and McCoys.  You have Ron and Robert Fuller, who are brothers.  Added to the mix in Jimmy Golden, who is the cousin of the Fullers, and Bobby Golden is the nephew of the Fullers.  This rivalry has been going on sometime.  Robert Fuller has been the manager of the Dirty Blondes and has been known to interfere into the matches.

To combat this, Jimmy and Bobby Golden have enlisted the help of the “Tennessee Stud” Ron Fuller to be in their corner.   Ron doesn’t wrestle anymore, but back in the days of Boutwell Auditorium (Birmingham, Alabma) circa the mid-1980s, he was known as a fighter.

Robert Fuller and the Dirty Blondes entered the arena first, bringing with them a rope with a cowbell attached.  It never fails; Robert always comes up with something every time he gets near me, wanting me to take a photo.  This time he wanted me to take a photo of “his bell.”   At the last matches, he wanted me to take “his photo and put him on Sports Illustrated.”

Jimmy & Bobby Golden with Ron Fuller entered the arena next.   They shook hands with the fans as they walked around.  Robert Fuller got a microphone and told Jimmy, Bobby and Ron that “even though they were family, they were on their own tonight.”

Jimmy Golden started out first for his team and immediately began to work on the leg of one of the Blondes.  Twisting, turning, cranking on the leg, jimmy never let up.  Bobby came into the ring to assist his Dad.  Each Golden grabbed a leg of the prone Blonde and jerked them apart as if trying to break a wishbone.

Bobby continued to work on the leg of the Blonde.  Using a spinning toe hold, he kept pressure on the leg of his opponent.  Jimmy came back into the ring and another Wishbone maneuver was utilized.  Robert Fuller circled ringside, with concern on his face.

Jimmy was tagged in and kept up the pressure on the Blonde’s leg.  Jimmy stood over the Blonde and raised his foot to deliver a low blow.  Referee Larry Brock warned Jimmy against thing.  Jimmy made a move not to do it but saw that Brock was distracted and quickly delivered the low blow.

The Blonde was finally able to make a tag with his partner.  They quickly double teamed Jimmy, even delivering a wishbone to Jimmy.  Back and forth, the Blondes tagged in and out of the ring, working on Jimmy’s leg.  Jimmy was finally able to tag in Bobby who began to take care of business.

As Bobby began to build momentum, he was thrown out of the ring at the feet of Robert Fuller.  I saw Robert drop a handkerchief he was holding and pull another one from a pocket.  He grabbed Bobby and wiped the towel all over Bobby’s face.  Even from where I was standing, I could smell the noxious fumes.  Bobby immediately grabbed his eyes.  He was rolled back into the ring, where the Blondes took turns beating on him.   Ron Fuller was livid at ringside, telling Larry Brock to check Bobby’s eyes.  At one point, the Blondes choked Bobby with the rope and cowbell.

As fate would have it, Bobby was soon pinned.  Jimmy came into the ring to check on his Son.  The Blondes stood the winners of the bout.  However, Ron Fuller couldn’t let that stand.  He attacked the Blondes.  Ron Fuller and Jimmy Golden quickly cleared the ring of the Blondes.  Seeing Ron Fuller in the ring took me back to Boutwell Auditorium in the 80s, watching the Tennessee Stud wrestle.

Robert Fuller and the Dirty Blondes quickly left the ringside area.  Ron Fuller and Jimmy Golden got on the microphone, vowing that this was not over.  A fan (later identified as Anita McNeil) gave water to Bobby so that he could flush his eyes.

…And so, another Professional Wrestling Event in Dothan, Alabama had come to an end.  The fans left, getting more than their monies worth of excitement.  I was given out.  I shot 6,159 photos at the event.  That’s going to take a long time to edit.  I talked to a few of the fans after the matches.  Everyone seemed to have had a great time.

If you ever get a chance to attend a Continental Championship Wrestling Event, you should do so.  Bring the whole family.  I think you will enjoy yourself.  By the way, if you get to come, make sure you sit with the rowdy crowd on the front row.  Pure entertainment.

Continental Championship Wrestling returns to the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds in Dothan, Alabama on August 4th, 2018.  You can view the card of the matches at their Facebook page.

I hope to see you there.  You never know.  I might get your picture made and wind up in the Quad Cities Daily

The following pictures were taken before and after the matches.

    Bobby Inman is retired from Law Enforcement after 21 years of Service.  He is a Consultant for Southern Heritage Gun & Pawn in Tuscumbia.   He has articles published in Law & Order Magazine, Police Marksman Magazine, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement Magazine as well as several published ebooks on Amazon, Kobo Writing, as well as Nook (Barnes & Noble).  He is owner of Poopiedog, an Animal Rescue Dachshund, who is his constant companion.   He is a Senior Investigative Reporter for the Quad Cities Daily.  Bobby is the Photographer for Continental Championship Wrestling. 

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