Ghost story: Hawaii Five O style

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Let me start out by saying I am a big Hawaii Five O fan.  Not the show from the 1970s, but the modern version.  I vagely remember the old show but never got into it.  I have been a fan of the new version since the beginning.  Alex O’Loughlin, who potrays Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett, is a natural for that part.

The television show has down flashbacks to the original series in regards to mentioning incidents that happened.  There was an episode on the new show that was an updated version of the one aired on the original series.  I think this is pretty cool.

I wait til the DVD for the season comes out and I watch it.  That   way I don’t miss any of the episodes if I try to watch them on the television.  I just got the newesst Season and the first episode has left a lasting impression.

Let me preface the episode by advising you readers how we got here.  At the end of the last season, McGarrett was shot several times, with major damage to his liver.  McGarrett’s partner, Danny Williamsn (You know him:  Book ‘em Danno), gave a portion of his liver to repair McGarretts.  That is how the last season ended.

Alex O’Loughlin portrays Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett

This season picked up several days later.  McGarrett is still in the hospital, but up and getting around in a wheel chair.  McGarrett visits the Hospital’s Chapel.  While there, he hears a noise behind him.  As he turns, he sees a shadow of a person sitting in one of the pews.

As McGarrett speaks to the person, the person leans forward and it appears to be Jack Lord.  For you that did not know, Jack Lord passed away years ago.  Anyway, the two engage in a conversation.  “Jack Lord” mentions that he use to work as a police officer himself.

Jack Lord’s “Ghost” as Steve McGarrett

“Jack Lord” gives our Steve McGarrett advice on life as well as how he is helping the citizens of Hawaii.  Furthermore, the ghost gives him advice on women and relationships.

This is where the scene ends.  As I watched that, I sat back and thought “that was a great piece of film making.”  To bring back an original member of a TV Show or Movie is not a new thing.  But to bring back a member of a TV Show that has passed away and use him in this context was mind blowing   I am sure that Jack Lord was CGI, but they did a great job on it.

You can actually watch the clip on Youtube at:

This left a lasting impression on me.




Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett (Original Series)


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