Update – Veterans Drive still blocked to vehicle traffic – New estimate on finish line

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FLORENCE – On October 10, The Tennessee Southern Railroad announced that it was about to begin a construction project on heavily traveled Veterans Drive. The intersection needed complete refurbishing, and some heavy equipment was brought in to facilitate the repairs. Work began on October 15. The estimated time for the work was one week, possibly getting finished as early as October 18, if everything went alright.

Evidently, things have not gone according to plan, as the intersection is still closed 9 days into the project. The Quad-Cities Daily  spoke via telephone with General Manager Matt Prince at Tennessee Southern in Natco, Tennessee. He told us that work had slowed because of some unseen problems with the project, and because of some delays in material delivery. “It’s going to be real nice when we’re finished. It’s going to be a great improvement for motorists crossing there,” he said. “We have all hands on deck to get this thing finished. We’re on schedule to have the work completed by Friday, he said.”

So, for now, bear in mind that the intersection, which is a Royal Avenue, will be closed for at least the next several days. Motorists should make plans to take alternate routes around the construction.

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