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florence laudeadale public library flplFLORENCE – The Florence Public Library is a very special place in The Shoals. It is so much more than just books! Our friend, Terry Pace is a leading authority on classic movies and his “SCREENING ROOM” series at the Library features some of the best examples of “Golden Age” films.

Here is what Terry says about tonight’s feature, “GREEN For DANGER”:

“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Tonight’s SCREENING ROOM program showcases one of the true “Neglected Gems” of British cinema: The incomparable Alastair Sim (A CHRISTMAS CAROL, STAGE FRIGHT, THE RULING CLASS) stars in writer-director Sidney Gilliat’s suspenseful, sharp-witted mystery thriller GREEN FOR DANGER (1946), co-starring Trevor Howard, Sally Gray and Leo Genn. The screening (which also includes the 1958 ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS classic “Banquo’s Chair,” directed by Hitchcock himself) begins at 7 p.m. tonight (Thursday, March 21) at the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library, 350 N. Wood Ave., Florence, Alabama. Admission is free. Don’t miss it!”

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