Registered Nurses, Retail Salespersons, and Supervisors of Retail Sales Workers are the Top Jobs in June

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MONTGOMERY – Data collected and analyzed by the Alabama Department of Labor’s Labor Market Information (LMI) Division shows that in June 2023, there were 122[HT1] ,307 job ads posted in Alabama.

The five occupations with the most online job ads are for Registered Nurses, Retail Salespersons, Supervisors of Retail Sales Workers, Sales Reps, Wholesale & Manufacturing, Ex. Technical & Scientific Products, and Software Developers, with 18[HT2] ,620 ads placed for those occupations in June.

The HWOL data is compiled from all online job postings in the state, including those posted on the state’s free online jobs database,, and other sources, such as traditional job boards, corporate boards, and social media sites.

In June 2023, there were 52,647 total job ads with salaries, including 16,146 jobs ads with salaries of $70,000 and above; 9,141 jobs ads with salaries in the $50-69,000 range; 12,910 jobs ads with salaries in the $35-50,000 range, and 14,450 jobs ads with salaries less than $35,000.

The top two employers posting the most online ads in June were UAB Medicine with 1,206 and Huntsville Hospital with 1,130. The rest of the top 10 were: The University of

Alabama Birmingham (926), Auburn University (821),  Walmart (784), Encompass Health (679),  Grandview Medical Center (649), Regions (609), Walgreens (588), and Baptist Health (5).

This month’s HWOL Occupation Focus is Mechanical Engineers.

Those employed in this occupation perform engineering duties in planning and designing tools, engines, machines, and other mechanically functioning equipment. They may also oversee installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of equipment such as centralized heat, gas, water, and steam systems. Additionally, job duties may consist of investigating equipment failures or difficulties, diagnosing faulty operation, and recommending remedial actions. Typically, employees in these occupations usually need several years of work-related experience, on-the-job training, and/or vocational training. The advertised median salary for Mechanical Engineers in Alabama is $104,700. This occupation has 300 Annual Total Openings in Alabama.

Media Release/The Alabama Department of Labor

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