Lauderdale County Commissioners Vote to beef up jail security

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Florence-Lauderdale Detention Center

Florence-Lauderdale Detention Center

FLORENCE –  At the top of the County Commissioners resolution list Monday, was the increased security measures that will be put in place at the Florence / Lauderdale Detention Center. An arrangement has been made with the A1 Fence Company to install both 10 foot and 12 foot fencing around the property, in addition they will be placing 24 inch razor-ribbon at the top of the fences as well as inside the ventilation system itself. This will cost the county $6500.00. This deal has been made in order to halt the escape of more inmates.

This is a concern because over the past 12 months five people being held at the Detention Center were able to escape via the ventilation system, and walking through a non-fenced in portion of the property.

In addition to that expense the Commission also plans to spend $5000.00 on the W.C. Handy Festival, in order to increase tourism to the county, according to Commissioner D.C. Thornton this is “for the survival of the community”.

There was also an agreement on a contract with Richards Edmunds, in order to repair a few structural issues at the court house such as cracks in the columns. the cost will be approximately $150.00 per hour for the repairs.

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