Franklin County Sheriff’s Department Nets 32 Arrests In Operation “Street Sweeper”

by Roger Murphy
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RUSSELLVILLE-A joint operation involving multiple agencies has resulted in the arrest of 32 individuals in Franklin County.
Deputies started the investigation named Operation “Street Sweeper” approximately 4 months ago. Most of the individuals listed were subjects of the investigation and additional arrests will come.
Deputies started serving warrants last week and then met this morning to execute the remaining warrants. In approximately 5 hours, Deputies arrested 27 individuals and made additional drug arrests.
All individuals have been booked into The Franklin County Detention Center.
All individuals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
The agencies assisting in the operation include:
Russellville Police Department
Red Bay Police Department
Phil Campbell Police Department
Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office
Marion County Sheriff’s Office
25th Circuit District Attorney’s Office
ALEA Troopers
Alabama Region E Drug Task Force
1. Nicholas Shane Sutherland – UPOCS, UPDP
2. Amber Starr Batchelor- UPOCS, UPDP
3. Jose Torres- Solano- Illegal distribution of a controlled substance x2 warrants;
4. Adam Yarbrough- Drug trafficking, Illegal Distribution of a Controlled Substance-
5. Tayra Sartin – Possession of a Concealed Weapon w/o permit
6. Jeremy Motes – UPOCS
7. Caitlyn Elrod- Chemical Endangerment of a child
8. Christopher Hubbard- UPOCS, UPDP
9. Dustin Blake Gaines- UPOCS, UPDP, Child Support
10. Shane Baker- Rape 1, Rape 2, Sexual Abuse 1
a. UPOCS, Drug trafficking
11. Sharon Keenum – Probation Violation
12. Richard Hughes- Illegal Distribution of a Controlled Substance
13. Bobbie Hughes- UPDP, Obstruction of Justice False Identity
14. James Dickerson – TOP 1st;
15. Timothy Nix- DUI Controlled Substance
16. Tyler Harris- Attempt to commit Murder x3
17. Mark Oliver- UPOCS, UPDP
18. Robert Dunn- UPOCS
19. Joseph Reach- UPOCS, UPDP, Addict in poss. Firearm, RSP2
20. Jeffrey Smith- UPOCS, UPDP, Addict in poss. Firearm, RSP2
21. Darryl McKinney- UPOCS, UPDP
a. UPOCS, UPDP, Addict in poss. Firearm, RSP2
22. Kayla Thompson- UPOCS, UPDP, Addict in poss. Firearm, Tampering with Physical Evidence, RSP2
23. Joel Ewing- RSP3;
a. UPOCS, UPOM2, UPDP, Addict in possession of firearm
24. Bethany Collum- UPOCS;
a. UPOCS, UPDP, UPOM2, Ex felon in possession of a firearm
25. Ricky Lee Cobb- UPOCS, UPDP
26. Brianna Johnson- Burglary 3rd, TOP 4th
27. Quintez Suggs- Drug Trafficking
28. Johnnie Tashina Welch- UPOCS, UPDP, Loitering at a drug house
29. Tonya Chaney- UPOCS, UPDP
30. Aubrey Myers- Probation violation
a. Attempting to Elude, UPOCS, UPDP, Addict in possession of a firearm, Illegal poss. of Prescription medication, Possession of an Altered firearm
31. Samuel Jacob Parker- TOP3, UPOM2
32. Lacy Crittenden- Destruction of State Property
Media Release/Franklin County Sheriff’s Department 
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