Franklin County Sheriff – Promotes tech, transparency

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Franklin County Sheriff Shannon Oliver

FRANKLIN COUNTY – Sheriff Shannon Oliver does not describe himself as a techie. But he does believe that the internet can keep his constituents informed and help make his department more efficient. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office recently went live with its new website. The site features sections such as “Most Wanted”, “Employment”, and even a “History of the Sheriff’s Office”, among others.











“I wanted to take our office to the next level,” said Sheriff Oliver. “I have always believed in governmental transparency, and being as interactive with the public as possible. Our new web site moves us a long way in that direction.” Oliver said that it is a bit too early to get the public’s reaction to the site, as it has only been live for a few days. The web design was paid for from money seized in drug busts. As such, no taxpayer funds were used in the creation of the site.





April Mitchell and Sheriff Shannon Oliver

We asked Sheriff Oliver about the leading-edge nature of this sort of technology. “This technology is a trend,” he said. “I was talking to another Alabama Sheriff who has a site like this one. He was the one who convinced me that we should have something similar in Franklin County. It educates the public as to what our Deputies and staff are doing every day to keep their community safe.” He continued, “And an added benefit is that this interactive technology makes our work much more efficient. People will look on our “Most Wanted” section, will know where one of the fugitives is hiding, pick up the phone and call us.” He said that these tips are already coming in to his office, saving his office time and fuel costs.

Sheriff Oliver mentioned that his slogan is, “Working Hard Today, For A Better Tomorrow” From all appearances, The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is working smarter as well.

Click this LINK to visit The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office site.

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