Chief Greg Ray – “Folks should keep a lookout for this guy…”

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SHEFFIELD – “People should keep in mind that artist composite renderings of a suspect are probable not what the person actually looks like,’ Sheffield POlice Chief, Greg Ray told the Quad-Cities Daily, “We really don’t want people to fixate on the image as a whole. What is important to remember is that composite images contain features that may stand-out on the suspect.”

Ray is concerned that people might not call in a sighting because the person does not have EVERY feature in the rendering. “Somebody might see the guy. But his nose might be different from the drawing, and they won’t call it in. Or his hair might not be exactly like the rendering. and that’s him!” Ray explained, “It would be a real shame for this guy to get away because somebody didn’t call it in.”

According to Chief Ray, the man is described as African-American, light complexion, wavy-hair, in his mid-to-late 20′s and slender.

Anyone who thinks they might know who this criminal is can help by calling the Sheffield Police Department at 256 383-1771.

Here is a LINK to our first story.

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