Chasing Ice, a documentary about global warming showing at the Ritz

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chasing iceSHEFFIELD-Chasing Ice, a documentary about global warming, will play tomorrow April 22nd at 6 p.m. at the Ritz Theatre in Sheffield.
This documentary is about a scientist, James Balog, and his team of researchers of the Extreme Ice Survey. These scientists capture visual proof of global warming and dispels myths about the observable effects.
“The far reaching effects of greenhouse gas emissions are wreaking havoc on all natural systems upon

Nancy Muse-President of Shoals Earth Day Fest

Nancy Muse-President of Shoals Earth Day Fest

which we are dependent,” said Nancy Muse.
Chasing Ice will be a great opportunity for UNA students and others to learn important facts about climate change.
Muse urges,”We all have a duty for ourselves, our families and future generations to be well armed with facts so that we may take necessary steps to rectify and also adjust to this accelerating, global situation.”
Dr. Mike Moeller of the UNA chemistry department will introduce the movie and be taking questions at the end. So if you have ever wondered about the reality of global warming, this would be a great event to attend.
Muse is right in that, “The only way to do something about the problem of global warming is through education so citizens and policy makers can understand the science of the climate shift.”
Admission to Chasing Ice to free to anyone who wishes to attend.

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