CARINGPLACE OF THE SHOALS is now the only Adult Day Center in the nation to achieve Montessori Gold Status

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FLORENCE-CARINGPLACE OF THE SHOALS, a 501(c)(3) organization provides adult day services (ADS)
for aging, frail adults, and those with memory loss achieves Gold Level Certification as a Montessori
Inspired Lifestyle® Community. CARINGPLACE OF THE SHOALS is the only Adult Day Service Center in the
nation to achieve this honor.

CARINGPLACE OF THE SHOALS joins an exclusive group of credentialed senior living communities that
have implemented a revolutionary Montessori-based approach to memory care.

CARINGPLACE OF THE SHOALS is devoted to building a Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® for their
community, earning them the highest Gold Level credential. The MIL program was created by the Center
for Applied Research in Dementia (CARD) after one of its founders, Dr. Cameron Camp, adapted Dr.
Maria Montessori’s principles for older adults with dementia. Guided by CARD, staff learned how to
implement the Montessori principles of equality, dignity, and respect into their community. Staff were
trained to empower clients with memory impairment to be as independent as possible. This is achieved
through tapping into each resident’s remaining strengths, designing environments they can thrive in,
and helping them find purposeful activities and meaningful roles within their community.

Communities effectively using Montessori principles benefit from healthier and happier residents, fewer
drugs, fewer responsive behaviors, more satisfied families, and better staffing and census (Witt-Hoblit,
Miller, & Camp, 2016).

Gold Level organizations have client-led committees, multidisciplinary Learning Circles, effective signage
and environmental cues, personalization of resident spaces, and many other milestones. In addition,
they have demonstrated at least one innovative achievement in applying MIL principles and have
attended additional hours of advanced online learning in MIL from CARD, among other exemplary

Vincent Antenucci, Co-Founder / Director of Grants, Internal training, and Credentialing at the Center for
Applied Research in Dementia sums up best what CARINGPLACE truly stands for.

“CARINGPLACE, your friends (clients), and board have created something totally unique and exemplary.
You have woven the core values of equality, dignity, and respect into daily life at CARINGPLACE. I have
never experienced such a level of seamless engagement and joy in a care setting. It is easy to see why
your community partnerships and support are so outstanding.

Please join us in making the Shoals a Montessori Community. Our first Seminar as a Gold Certified
Montessori Community will be held at CARINGPLACE on July 11 at 5:30PM at the CARINGPLACE Center.
The topic is Caregiver Fatigue. We are also accepting clients. Please do not hesitate to contact us with
any questions or to schedule a tour.

Media Release/Nicole Fults/CARINGPLACE OF THE SHOALS

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