Alabama Accountability Act; Where do Shoals Area Schools Stand?

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report_card_1THE SHOALS – The Alabama Department of Education released a list of the 78 schools that are “failing” in regards to state standards. This list was an effort to inform parents of the possibility of sending their children to a private school, if the child/children attends one of these school, by the use of a state income tax credit.

The Quad-Cities Daily has compiled a list of where Shoals-area schools stand in regards to the list released yesterday. Of the 359 high schools in Alabama, three Shoals schools ranked high, with Muscle Shoals High School coming in 53, Florence High School at 76, and Russellville High School garnering a 78.

However, a few area schools narrowly escaped the list of 78; Sheffield High School ranked 267 out of the 359, Cherokee High School came in at 273, and Colbert Heights High School was right at the edge with a score of 286. (Due to the inclusion of some middle schools with different grade-mixtures, the number can be a bit confusing.) sheffield high school billboard

As defined by the Alabama Accountability Act, a “failing school” is one that is within the bottom 6 percent of standardized test scores; with a low performance in reading and mathematics  on the test for 3 or more times within the last 6 years.cylons school

Parents whose children go to one of these schools within the bottom 6th percentile have a way out.  The new law will make it possible for parents to get an estimated $3.500 per year tax credit per child. It may be used to pay for tuition at a private school or a non-failing public school.

christian_educationParents wishing to transfer their children should give notice to the schools by August 1, in order to allow the schools to make adequate adjustments. It should also be noted that this tax credit is not given directly to the family. Parents must pay the tuition out-of-pocket and then seek the credit when they file their state income taxes.

Here’s the breakdown from School Digger:

school rankings

Please read our earlier story: 78 failing schools identified in Alabama – Any Shoals Schools in here? Here is the list.

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