You should visit the Airport… There’s always something going on! – EVENT PHOTOS

by Steve Wiggins
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MUSCLE SHOALSBoutique Air is providing reliable and comfortable daily flights to Atlanta and Nashville, a lot more Shoals residents have visited the airport than in recent years. There’s new life around the runways.

Evidence of new life presented this past Saturday in the form of a general Aviation fly-in, the first one in several years. There were some really neat aircraft on display and in the air. And many Shoals residents came out to see the birds. (That’s what they’re called…) There were the commercial-built Cessnas and Pipers. There were homebuilts. and there were a few vintage military aircraft. It was lots of fun!

The Quad-Cities Daily stopped by to record some of the day in EVENT PHOTOS. We present them here. Enjoy!

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