UA Car Tags Raise $4 Million to Support Scholarships

by Roger Murphy
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Tuscaloosa— The University of Alabama collegiate license tag program raised some $4.1 million during the 2012 fiscal year.

Funds raised through the statewide program are used for scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students.

The UA National Alumni Association raised a total of $4,140,319 through the car tag program in the 2012 fiscal year, the most of any college or university in the state.

Some 97,412 UA car tags were sold in the 2012 fiscal year, or 49 percent of all collegiate tags sold in the state. Auburn came in second, selling some 62,348 collegiate tags in the same fiscal year (31 percent of the total sold). Statewide, collegiate tags raise approximately $8 million for 26 colleges and universities.

“We are grateful and fortunate that this popular program has continued to grow,” said Calvin Brown, director of UA Alumni Affairs. “The license tag program is a wonderful opportunity to show allegiance to the University while supporting scholarships for current students. We sincerely thank our alumni, fans and friends for their remarkable support.”

Tags are available at local county license offices. Both numbered and personalized tags are available; the cost is $50 above the normal tag cost. Collegiate tags may be purchased at any time, regardless of an individual’s tag renewal month.

The UA National Alumni Association is made up of more than 33,000 active alumni and friends of the University organized into more than 100 local chapters nationwide. The association stimulates interest in and supports the betterment of the University and awards academic scholarships every year.

For more information on UA’s “Ride with the Tide” program, go to or phone the Alumni Affairs office at 205/348-5963.

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