Tuscumiba Murder Suspect Held Without Bond Under Aniah’s Law

by Roger Murphy
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TUSCUMBIA-The Colbert County District Attorney’s Office announces that Victor Funez Cruz will be held in jail with no bond under Aniah’s Law.

In a hearing today, District Attorney Hal Hughston, Ill and Assistant District Attorney Dustin McCown presented testimony and arguments demonstrating that Mr. Cruz should be held in jail without bond for his alleged involvement in the murder of Edith Martinez.

“We are pleased that Judge Chad Smith granted our Aniah’s Law motion keeping Mr. Cruz in jail until his trial. This law is intended to lock up accused offenders who serve as a threat to our citizens.” says Colbert County District Attorney, Hal Hughston, Ill.   ~ Jenny Brooks Administrator/Trial Coordinator 31st Judicial Circuit District Attorney Office

Victor Funez Cruz

Victor Funez Cruz is being held in the brutal murder of  Edith Margarita Martinez, 59.  According to court documents Martinez died from severe head injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene.  Cruz was found near the body.

Court records show Cruz confessed to officers that he was arguing with Martinez over an infidelity.  Cruz said Martinez tried to hit him with a metal pipe.

The affidavit says during Cruz’s  confession he advised them that in anger, he’d hit Martinez in the arm with a hammer and caused her to “spin.” The hammer then allegedly broke and Cruz said he hit her multiple times in the head with a metal pipe while she was on the ground.

Authorities reported several blood splatters and recovered the hammer and a metal pipe from a 50-gallon drum.


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