Travis Lee Wissner

by Lynn McMillen
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Travis & Jackson WissnerTravis Lee Wissner, age 29, and his son, Jackson Lee Wissner, age 7, both residents of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, passed away tragically on May 9, 2024.


Travis was born on April 21, 1995, in Altamonte Springs, Florida, to the late Robert Wissner and the late Ruth Wesley. A hard worker and good person, Travis dedicated his work to logging and scrapping. He is survived by his sisters, Sharon Cassidy of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, and Brenda Bludsworth of Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee.


A ray of sunshine, Jackson was born on September 5, 2016, in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, to parents Travis Wissner and Alexandria Antolik. Jackson is survived by his mother, Alexandria Antolik of Dickson, Tennessee; sisters, Clary Ann Antolik of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, and Freya Brooklyn Carter of Dickson, Tennessee; and brother, Jasper Billings of Dickson, Tennessee.


Travis and Jackson shared an inseparable bond, always finding joy in their time together. They will be deeply missed by those who knew and loved him.


The family will celebrate their lives with a service at a later date. Heritage Funeral Home is assisting the family with arrangements.

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