Tarkett gives City and County leaders a tour of growing production line

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FLORENCE – The Quad-Cities Daily has reported that Tarkett, the largest flooring company in the industry, is expanding their production line. When the expansion is completed by the end of this year, the company plans to hire up to 150 new workers. Full operation of the new addition is expected to commence by Q2-2014.


On Wednesday, Tarkett invited a number of local elected officials, educational leaders and business people to take a tour of the plant. This expansion will require a $30-million investment by the company. The plant has been known by several different names since it first began operations in the 1950’s. When Stanley Robbins was operating, it was called NAFCO. Back in the 1990’s, the name changed to DOMCO, and ownership of the plant went to a European entity. Tarkett took over the operation in 2003 and saved the facility from an economic downturn, made particularly difficult by the Great Recession. But the company held in there, and continued to have faith in its Shoals plant. That faith in their facility and the workers who make things happen has paid off.

After the tour we were invited to join them at a special luncheon for the employees, prepared for them by plant management.

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