Shoals Democrats Kickoff Summer With “Building A Better Shoals” Campaign

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TUSCUMBIA-The energy of more than 75 Shoals residents filled the air as the Shoals Democratic Club hosted its summer kickoff party to officially launch the club’s “Building a Better Shoals” campaign.

The “Building a Better Shoals” campaign will increase voter engagement, foster grassroots involvement, and elect qualified Democrats to improve our community’s quality of life in the community. Progressives from all walks of life are invited to join the club by volunteering in one of its grassroot committees and work beside like-minded people to build a better Shoals community for everyone.

The Shoals Democratic Club is a collaborative effort between the Lauderdale County Democratic Executive Committee (LCDEC), Colbert County Democratic Executive Committee (CCDEC), and democratic-minded people from the community.

“The energy we saw today was great!” said Julie Dean, Chair of CCDEC. “We’re excited to see all the new—and old!—faces of those who are ready to volunteer to rebuild this club and our communities.”

The Shoals Democratic Club recognizes the significance of local races and the impact they have on the everyday lives of community members. The club’s top priority is searching for qualified individuals to run as Democratic candidates in the upcoming 2024 elections, ensuring choices on the ballot.

“A democracy only exists when you have a choice. We’re organizing now to ensure this community has competent choices in 2024. After all, it’s local races that affect our quality of life the most,” said Chris Anderson, Chair of LCDEC.

Former Democratic candidate for Alabama State House District 3, Wesley Thompson, spoke at the event on Saturday and encouraged the crowd to get involved with the club.

“Here’s something you may not know,” said Wesley Thompson, former candidate and Colbert County Democratic Executive Committee member. “We have the numbers to win. There are a lot more Democrats in the Shoals than show up on Election Day. We have the numbers. We just have to activate our neighbors by knocking on more doors, talking to more people, and putting in the work.”

For more information about the Shoals Democratic Club and the “Building a Better Shoals” campaign, please visit

Media Release/Chris Anderson/Co-Chair, Shoals Democratic Club

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