Jackson Andrew Galloway

by Lynn McMillen
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  Jackson Andrew Galloway

Born Denver, Colorado March 03, 2000 – Died Madison, Alabama August 10, 2023

Jackson Andrew, Jack Bear was light and love. He was smart and silly and funny and wanted to make everyone happy, especially his family. As a little boy Jack wanted to be fast. He would try on his new shoes in the store and run around to make sure they were the fastest ones. He would run full speed all day until he finally passed out from exhaustion and his mom would find him sound asleep wherever he found a place to lie down, whether it be on the floor, under the bed or even one time on the floor of the garage all snuggled up with his favorite blanket.  He wanted to “lawn the mow” and drive the cars, once actually rolling the car into a neighbor’s yard (no one was hurt, thankfully), play sports and thanks to his cousin Jessica cook in the kitchen. Jack Bear was full of energy and dreams that got bigger as he started to grow into a young man.

He was a sports enthusiast- particularly basketball, not only playing, but watching and loving the Denver Nuggets. He was an aspiring musician- he had a stent in time where he was recording rap music and even had a live performance, and he also played the guitar. He loved to garden. Jack’s nieces and nephew loved that he would have them water the plants when they visited and taught them about how he planted them. He loved to cook, and he loved cooking for his family, steak and cheese omelets being two of his specialties. He was an entrepreneur. He had started a successful moving business and had HUGE dreams. He was a brand-new dad to two beautiful boys, Aaron Andrew, and Kayden Scott. He was a son, brother, grandson, uncle, nephew, friend, spouse and most importantly a father. He was so full of love, he was incredibly sensitive, he cared so much about making other people happy and about what people thought of him, especially his family.

Jackson Andrew is preceded in death by his brother and best friend Aaron Alexander. He leaves behind his mother Wendy, spouse Chelsea, sons Aaron and Kayden, grandparents Fred and Vicki, sister and brother-in-law Chantal and Zach, nieces Peyton, Taylin and Rylann and nephew Landon, brother Sebastian, Aunt Faith and Uncle Sean, cousins Marcus and Jessica, Uncle Joe, cousins Paige, Shiloh, Dorothy, JoJo, and Kobe.

The family will receive friends Saturday, August 26, 2023, at 1:00 PM at Hazel Green Funeral Home. A memorial service will follow at 2:00 PM.

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