Huntsville Lawmaker Arrested On Voter Fraud

by Roger Murphy
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HUNTSVILLE-ON Tuesday, August 29 Alabama legislator David Cole was arrested and charged with felony voter fraud.

Republican Rep. Cole of Huntsville was arrested on charges of voting in an unauthorized location this according to records at the Madison County Jail.  This arrest comes after accusations that Rep. Cole did not live in the district in which he had been elected.

Cole is a doctor and Army veteran and had been elected to the Alabama House of Representatives last year. Elijah Boyd Libertarian candidate for the seat in the district Cole won had filed a challenge in civil court stating Cole did not live in District 10 and was not eligible to represent this district.

House Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter issued a statement Tuesday saying he had learned of Cole’s arrest and is waiting to learn more details.

“In recent years, the Alabama House has prioritized legislation that promotes election integrity, and we believe that any allegation of fraud must be addressed regardless of the party, public official, or candidate involved.” 

Cole was released on bond, according to jail records.

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