Devil’s Breath….Colombian Zombie Drug

by Hannah Penne
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Devil’s Breath is the drug that goes by the name of Scopolamine. It is an extremely dangerous drug and in fact, one of the most dangerous drugs in this world. The way it works is by erasing person’s memory completely and they can’t remember anything that happened after they consumed it.

On the streets of Colombia, if you were to ask for the drug Scopolamine by the name of Devil’s Breath you will be able to procure it easily. This drug gets its name because it takes only one breath to become possessed by it. It comes from a tree called Borrachero that is found in South America. The drug has such a potent impact on one’s memory that one does not know what is happening around them. When person is under its influence they became mental slaves that listen all orders. This has resulted in heinous crime being caused in the form of rapes, murders, slavery and what not. In fact, some of the stories that are linked with this drug are that people have actually donated their organs or given access to a complete stranger to their bank accounts under its influence.

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