De`ja’ Vu …. It Is All Over Again … Almost

by Hannah Penne
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It can be said that déjà vu has now become a definite reality of our lives. No person can ignore its emergence; neither can avoid its happening. However, scientists have come to some very concrete outcomes related to déjà vu. First of all, they have made it clear that déjà vu is the resultant of the mixture of present and past memories. Any person who has strong senses and his mind can differentiate between past and present happenings efficiently would might not feel déjà vu ever in life. Secondly, it was made clear that déjà vu is the live example of partial malfunctioning of brain. Because, the “Amygdala” overwhelm our consciousness that is why the brain merges all the memories altogether that it should not. It is the proof that the brain of every human being is partially disturbed. It has also been found that people with lots of past experience get victimized by déjà vu more as compared to adults. The current study that is being conducted in the running year focuses whether the déjà vu is the sign of healthy brain or not.

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