Beth Ann (Witt) Holt

by Lynn McMillen
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Beth Ann (Witt) Holt
August 20, 1963 ~ June 28, 2024 (age 60)

My Beth

On June 28, 2024, while I cried over the loss of my soulmate, the Angels rejoiced because God’s sweetest, kindest, most beautiful soul returned to Heaven.  Beth Ann Holt, forever young, was greeted at Heaven’s Pearly Gates by her mother Ann and her grandparents Granda and Byrd (James and Lorene) and every animal who was fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Beth while on Earth including: Clair, Angel, Zar, Molly, Kelly, Rocky, Mista Bone, Flaky, Benjy, Sherry, Hamilton, Cobb Ann, and Barnabas to name a few.  Beth is loved and missed by her Pumpkin (Joe) and our children (Cecilia, Lil Beth, Joe Frank, Reynolds, Bramwell, and Cattoria) aka (C Ann, LB, Joseph Franklin, Ray Ray, Bramster, and Cattoria Jean Nate).  Beth found enjoyment everywhere in life.  Beth loved animals, taking photographs, elaborate photo shoots at many locations including McGee Farms, the Florence Carnival, Sears Portrait Studio, and Santa at the Mall, attending rock concerts especially Great White concerts, attending professional wrestling events, everything Christmas related, Cinderella, sunflowers, gnomes, Cherished Teddies, Barbie, blonde hair, dimples, lip gloss, back scratches, two hour naps, Chinese food, Godfather’s white sauce veggie pizza, playing internet word games, watching reality tv shows, the movie GREASE, and creating her photo legacy projects at Shutterfly.  She was the Queen of discounts and deals at both Shutterfly and Snapfish.  She always loved a bargain!  Before cell phones and selfies, Beth always had a camera with her.  Beth asked nearly every person that she ever met to pose for a photograph.  It was just one of her many ways of making people feel noticed and special.  These individuals along with Beth’s friends and family are all immortalized within the “unlimited pages” of countless Shutterfly books, as well as Christmas ornaments, calendars, magnets, coffee mugs, coasters, placemats, bottle openers, puzzles, find and match games, blankets, playing cards, cell phone covers, plaques, canvas prints, Teddy Bears, shirts, bandanas, pillow cases, jewelry boxes, notebooks, backpacks, posters, etc., basically anything that Shutterfly or Snapfish sold.  Beth worked meticulously on all of these photo projects and they are a testament to her love for life and everyone around her.  Each project captured a moment in time that will live forever because Beth cared enough to preserve it.  Beth lit up every room that she ever entered.  Her positive attitude, friendliness, and outgoing personality were matched by her youthful looks.  Her exterior and interior beauty was the perfect reflection of her gracious, generous, and loving soul.  She had it all and I was blessed that she shared her life with me.  Our cats and I will never recover from our loss but we must follow the example that Beth set for us as she faced her most difficult challenge.  Despite everything, she remained upbeat, positive, and loving.  The cats and I take comfort in knowing that when our times come Beth will be right there waiting for us smiling and welcoming us with open arms just like always.  Beth, we LOVE you Always & Forever!

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