Ask The lawyer – Your Choice Of A Doctor Makes All The Difference

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Thomas McCutcheon

Thomas McCutcheon

Obviously some doctors are specialists and have varying degrees of skill.  Because all we do is personal injury, we see the results obtained by 30 plus doctors from Birmingham north.

What we do not want to see are doctors that don’t take the side of their patient.  If a doctor is going to obtain a history and treat a patient for an injury, they need to relate the history that they based their treatment on, to the extent that they honestly can, to the injury that was described in the history by their patient.

We see from time to time doctors that are really good at knowing their patients, their problems and how their injuries affect them.  On other occasions we get a fairly indifferent doctor that really doesn’t care enough to talk about the patient in a way that helps them.

Remember that our system of justice provides for adjustment of claims with the payment of money damages in a way that balances the scales of justice when someone is injured through the negligent or careless act of another.  If you stop and think about it that is really important.  We all care deeply about our families.  Our communities would become chaotic without a peaceful system to resolve differences.  That is embodied in our constitution and is part of our heritage.

We recently ran into a doctor that for no real reason decided to throw in a statement to the fact that he believed that because of the litigation his patient was involved in she would not get better until the litigation was resolved.  In this particular case and with this particular client that is complete and utter bull hockey.  I think my client could sue this doctor for libel as he accused her of exaggerating her injuries for monetary reward, which is fraud.  I know that if I see this again from this doctor they will never treat a client of McCutcheon & Hamner’s in the future.  The moral here is to make sure that you have a doctor that is on your side.  If you aren’t certain call us and we will point you in the right direction.  Remember that in on-the-job injury cases, injured workers have a right to ask for a panel of four doctors from which to choose and dismiss the doctor they have if they are dissatisfied with the treatment.  Again, Joel and I can help you choose a competent, caring physician.  As always, we offer a free consultation and never charge until we win.

Buckle up and drive safely.

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