Alabama Residents Invited to Provide Input on Master Plan for Statewide Trail System

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 HUNTSVILLE-Alabama residents are invited to help shape the future of the state’s trail systems through public input on the Sweet Trails Alabama statewide master plan. This plan aims to expand Alabama’s network of trails to promote outdoor recreation, tourism, health, and economic development.

The Sweet Trails Alabama master plan was developed with initial input from stakeholders and residents across the state.

“We spent 2023 and 2024 gathering data and public input to develop a plan that we believe will elevate access to natural spaces throughout the state of Alabama, but we want the public to let us know what they think and tell us what they want. We know public feedback is key in meeting the needs and wants of Alabamians,” said John Kvach, Singing River Trail Executive Director.

Residents can contribute their ideas and opinions online or in person.

  • Public Survey: Click here to participate in our online survey.
  • Master Plan Draft: Click here to see the draft master plan.
  • Executive Summary: Click here to read the executive summary.

The Sweet Trails Alabama master plan focuses on connectivity, health and wellness, economic development, and conservation. It includes proposed new trails, improvements to existing trails, and initiatives to make trails more accessible and enjoyable for all users.

“A well-kept, accessible trail system is vital for connecting communities, fostering economic growth, and promoting healthy lifestyles in Alabama,” said Kvach. “We want to hear from as many Alabamians as possible to ensure this plan reflects our collective vision.”

For more information about the master plan and to get involved, visit

About Sweet Trails Alabama: Sweet Trails Alabama is a statewide initiative aimed at developing and promoting Alabama’s trail systems. The plan is a collaborative effort involving multiple state agencies, local governments, community organizations, and the public.


About Singing River Trail: Established in 2018, Singing River Trail is a 200+ mile greenway system that strengthens regional bonds and creates new health and wellness, educational, economic, tourism, and entrepreneurial opportunities for the people and communities in the Tennessee Valley region.

Media Release/John F. Kvach, Ph.D.Singing River Trail Executive Director

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