10 Facts about your perception

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  1. The fastest connection to emotional memory is through the nose because the olfactory nerves project directly to the emotional brain.
  2. Like sounds, if we are not exposed to certain smells early in childhood, we may be unable to ever recognize them.
  3. You have taste buds on the roof of your mouth, sides of your mouth, in your throat, as well as on your tongue.
  4. It is difficult to really taste very warm or very cold food/drinks, so an ice cold drink can’t be tasted as well as a warmer one because the taste buds have been numbed.
  5. If you want to enjoy taste of food better, switch between different flavors every few bites. Your taste buds will adapt to a flavor after being presented with that stimulus for a few minutes, so give those buds a break and come back to the food to really taste it well again.
  6. Take the pain of a bumped elbow or stubbed toe, by rubbing it. This extra rubbing stimulus will confuse the brain’s pain sensors and cause you to feel the original pain less.
  7. Our brain filters out so much stimulus to keep us from feeling overwhelmed, like we don’t feel our clothes on us unless you think about feeling them.
  8. There are more neural networks going from the brain to the ears than from the ears to the brain because our brain does so much in shaping what/how we hear.
  9. Many people with dyslexia actually often hear language different even though they don’t have problems with their hearing.
  10. Our memories change our perceptions and vice versa, everything is connected and our brains are ever changing and growing.
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