An Interview with Johnny Collier: part 2

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  This is a continuation of the article that I recently wrote about Johnny Collier.   You can the first article at this link

Today Johnny and I sat down at Hammer Down and I interviewed him one on one.  I had a series of questions for him that are listed below.  His answers come after the question.

  1. Tell me about Johnny Collier.  Where were you born?  Tell me about the early years.

“They say I was born in Buchannan, Michigan, that is what my Birth Certificate says anyway.  But, I was raised in Missouri.  Sheryl Crow lived one county over.  I grew up there playing Gospel, Bluegrass and old country.   I was a member of a Trio and we played the radio shows and fairs. 

 That’s how I got started.  There was a guy down the street named Ricky Nelson (not that Ricky Nelson) who would come by my house and show me a chord or two on the guitar. 

 After I graduated from High School, I had an Uncle that had opened a business on 2nd Street in Sheffield who offered me a job.  In Missouri, once the crops came through, there were not a lot of jobs at that time.  I went to Texas and worked for a couple of months in construction. 

 I called my Uncle in September and he told me that the job was still open so in 1979, I came to Alabama and never left.” 

 2. The part of Missouri you were raised that was Jesse James country.

“Yeah, everyone there says they were related to Jesse.  I even had some members in my family say that they were related to him.”

 3. I imagine it was a Culture Shock moving from Missouri to North Alabama?

“I didn’t know where North Alabama was.  I had heard of it.  The guy that raised me was a truck driver so I had been around a little.  But I knew which direction Alabama was. “

  1. You have played all over the country. Where is your favorite venue to play?

“Right now, I would say the Lonesome Dove in North Dakota.  It is an establishment that is ran very well and has a family themed atmosphere.  I’m headed out Sunday for 2 weeks in that area.  Probably a tie with that is the Horse Trail Rides that I do throughout the year. “

 5. Tell me about your band.

“Well, on drums and vocals, we have Mike McAnalley.  We also have Alaina Sims on Bass Guitar and vocals.  We are basically a 3 piece band.  If we are outside this area, I may pick up some local talent to help.” 

 6. I recently read an article where the author said “people are tired of the ‘twangy’ country music. Modern country music is Country-Rap or Country-Rock.”  Your thoughts on that?

“To me, music is in the eye of the beholder such as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  What one person likes, the other person might not.  I see it swinging back toward the old country, especially with people like Chris Stapleton.  He had his hits without radio, which is pretty awesome. 

   I am like most people.  I either like it or not.  I like Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, Chris Stapleton.  I am more of the Outlaw Sound of music.” 

7. The first time I heard you play along with your band; I was blown away by the sound. My first thought was there was no way three people can make that kind of sound.  You seemed to put heart and soul in playing.  What is your secret?

“I have been doing this for a while.   It’s just like radio.  You can’t have dead air on the radio just like you can’t have dead air during a live performance.  We put our heart and soul into each song.   This is our job and you have to be the best at your job no matter what it is.”

8. What does the future hold in store for Johnny Collier?

“Hopefully bigger and better things.  I am working on a new album.  We are still working on a Release Date for it but I believe that it is going to do well. “

9. Do research on you for this interview, I have found several videos and pics of you fishing. Is fishing on of your hobbies?

“Fishing is my #1 hobby.  I love going out and just wetting a hook.  I can be having a bad day but I can be out on a boat, fishing and things just don’t seem to be as bad. 

 I use to do a lot of shooting, mostly rifle shooting.  I shot competition for a while and enjoyed it.  I haven’t done it lately but I want to get back into it.”

 10. Playing concerts and traveling to different venues has to be tiring. I know last week you were in Missouri.  What does Johnny Collier do to relax?

“Fishing always relaxes me.  Sometimes, I can just sit alone in my studio and just think.  Being able to ponder on things in a surrounding where I am comfortable is relaxing. “

 11. I have met your bass player, Alanis Sims. She is a beautiful young lady as well as a very talented bass player.  Your drummer, Mike, seems always to stay hid behind his drums.  Do you not let him out in public?

“(Laughs).  That’s just Mike.  He likes to sit behind those drums.  However, we are working on some songs where he does vocals.”

12.  Dallas Dorral is your manager. I have met her and she seems to have things inline.  Does she keep you grounded?

“I use to do everything myself.  I am not just talking the performing but the booking also.  It was nothing for me to spend 3 or 4 hours a day on the phone booking gigs.  Dallas has taken that over and really does a good job at it.  She keeps us straight.  

 13. I have seen Johnny Collier hats, posters and shirts. I recently saw a picture of some Johnny Collier panties.  Tell me that story.

 “We have done well selling the hats and shirts.  However we wanted something for the ladies.  Now ladies wear hats and shirts, but the idea was just to have something just for them.  I wanted to do a thong but couldn’t get Johnny Collier printed on them.  The name was too long.   The panties are a big hit with our female fans. “


Alania, Mike, Dallas and Johnny

14.  Is there anything that you would like to tell your fans?

“This may sound lame, but I want my fans to know that we appreciate them.  I love talking to them.  They are the reason that we are here.  Before and after each show as well on breaks, I mingle with the fans.  They are very important to us. 

In closing I want to say that Johnny Collier is a very humble person.    He doesn’t brag about his career.  He has played with some of the top stars in various forms of music.  I only met Dallas and him a couple of months ago, but I count them as friends.  If you get a chance to catch one of Johnny’s shows, you need to.  I think you will be very impressed.

     Bobby Inman is retired from Law Enforcement after 21 years of Service.  He owns Hammer Down Gun & Pawn located in Sheffield, Alabama.  He has articles published in Law & Order Magazine, Police Marksman Magazine, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement Magazine as well as several published ebooks on Amazon, Kobo Writing, as well as Nook (Barnes & Noble).  He is owner of Poopiedog, an Animal Rescue Dachshund, who is his constant companion.   He is a Senior Investigative Reporter for the Quad Cities Daily

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