Wammack and Sun Records recording artist appear in Russellville – EVENT PHOTOS

by Steve Wiggins
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RUSSELLVILLE – Suppose you’re sitting in your rumpus room somewhere in… Boise. Or Pocatello. Maybe Sebring. Your chances of getting out of the house to go and get a catfish dinner while listening to some of the most righteous rock ‘n roll players in the known universe at quite slim. Thank goodness it’s not that way in the Muscle Shoals area.

In fact, on any given Thursday evening people head out to the standing-room-only music show at Catfish Haven, just a bit north of Russellville. There, they get to hear Gibson Guitar Hall of Famer, Travis Wammack; multiple hit-record drum virtuoso Roger Clark, Terry Richardson, Jim Whitehead slay. And Thursday night, along with guest sax player Brad Guin, Travis and Crew featured a rare jewel indeed. Glenn Honeycutt, one of the last recording artists to grace Sun Records in Memphis performed. Glenn lives not too far away near Boonville now. He’s retired, but still appears at gatherings near home, thrilling audiences with his dulcet toned voice. And the really nifty thing about this show, was that Travis only met Glenn a few days ago! Wammack was playing a show at met Glenn, who had come down to listen to some music. He sat in for a couple of tunes. Travis was knocked out by his performance and insisted that Glenn get over to Russellville for the regular Thursday night show. And, as it is said, “The rest is history.”



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