Tuscumbia man still wanted for questioning, hit-and-run victim still in hospital

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SHEFFIELD – Police investigators are still looking for Thomas Joshua Henson, 22, of Tuscumbia to get his side of the story in a suspicious hit-and-run incident. The scene took place Saturday afternoon, July 21, at Nine Oaks Apartments. The area surrounding Nine Oaks near Little Rock Avenue and 6th Street, is known to police as a drug-infested area. They have been called there many times in the recent past, and this was simply another in a long list of incidents, of what was once a middle-class family neighborhood.

An informed source told The Quad-Cities Daily that the victim is identified as Charlie Johnson, address unknown. We understand that the two men met at Nine Oaks to discuss something about stolen tools when an argument ensued. Apparently, Henson was trying to leave in his vehicle, when Johnson’s clothing became caught in the door, most likely pulling him under the wheels. The vehicle ran over Johnson’s lower body.

Investigators have not yet determined if a crime actually occurred. they want to speak with Henson to get his side of the story. According to our source, this may simply be a case of Henson trying to get away for his own safety.

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