The Oka Kapassa – Return to Coldwater Festival – Mary Carton Photos

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THE BIG SPRING, TUSCUMBIA – One of the “must-do” events at Oka Kapassa is the annual retracing of the trek to Tuscumbia Landing. In the history of the “Great Indian Removal”, the march from the Big Spring to the riverbank marked the final demarcation of the Cherokee and Creek from their ancestral home. The men, women and children were loaded onto barges. The set out to cross the Tennessee River to Waterloo, Alabama. From Waterloo, the journey began to Oklahoma. Many did not make it.

The trip to the Tennessee River from Spring Park is just over 2 miles. Participants in the trek were reminded how such a short jaunt can in actuality be the beginning of a historical journey.

As she does each year, Quad-Cities Daily correspondent, Mary Carton took part in the walk to the river. She recorded the event in photos and we present them here. The photos make really nice color prints. So make one if you see something you like. In fact, you can copy the image to a thumb drive and get yourself a really nice photo at your local drugstore. So, give it a shot! Just remember, please, these photos are for your PERSONAL, NON-COMMERCIAL USE.

Photography by Mary Carton


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