The City of Florence Participates in Valley Sustainable Communities Development Program

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city of florenceFLORENCE- The City of Florence has applied and been
accepted to participate in the Valley Sustainable Communities Program. This program, now in its second
year, is being sponsored by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and managed by Boyette Strategic
Advisors (BSA).

The Valley Sustainable Communities Program was initiated by TVA Economic Development in 2013 as Florence and TVa
part of its community preparedness offerings. sustainability has become a key issue for economic
development organizations and communities as more corporations have demonstrated an increasing
commitment to sustainability. In addition, more than 90 percent of corporate real estate executives,
responding to a CoreNet Global survey, said that sustainability is a consideration in their company
location decisions. Typical reasons for this corporate commitment are reduced operating costs, resulting
in increased profitability and greater employee satisfaction.

The goal of this program is to increase the likelihood that communities will be viewed as progressive and
competitive by companies planning to invest in new or expanded business locations. BSA and TVA staff
will be administering the program and meeting in person with Florence’s Sustainability Team to help
inventory existing sustainability initiatives, as well as develop and implement new sustainable initiatives
and increase awareness of Florence’s sustainable assets.

Mayor Mickey Haddock

Mayor Mickey Haddock

“Florence has already made a significant commitment to sustainability. This new program provides us
with the opportunity to document, further develop, and be recognized for our sustainable initiatives.
Having Florence’s initiatives recognized will be another way to differentiate us in the tough competition for
new corporate investment and job creation,” said Florence Mayor Mickey Haddock.

The Valley Sustainable Communities Program recognizes communities at three levels – Silver, Gold and
Platinum – based on the sustainability programs in place. While a wide variety of sustainable initiatives
contribute to a community’s level or recognition, those programs directly related to business and industry
support and economic development receive greater emphasis. In its first year, the Valley Sustainable
Communities Program recognized 13 communities throughout the Valley for their commitment to

 SEDA President Forrest Wright

SEDA President Forrest Wright

“We commend TVA for preparing communities toward economic development opportunities with
initiatives such as this progressive program. We look forward to working with TVA to utilize this
component in our economic development marketing,” said SEDA President Forrest Wright.

About FLORENCE, ALABAMA-Established in 1826, Florence has flourished with a mix of
manufacturing, service industries, retail, medical, and financial institutions, all providing the community
with stability and strength. Florence is the largest city within the two-county area of Northwest Alabama
known as The Shoals. Florence and the Shoals Area is the sixth largest market in Alabama and offer
numerous opportunities for business investment and enhanced quality of life. The Shoals Economic
Development Authority (SEDA) is the professional organization dedicated to economic development in
Northwest Alabama. An established public/private partnership, SEDA’s challenge is to constantly strive
toward the improvement of the Shoals area economy.


Melissa Bevis, One Stop Shop, City of Florence
Phone: 256.740.6086

Website: ‘NwwJiorenceaLorg

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