The Blessing Project

by Lynn McMillen
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Sheffield-The Quad-Cities Daily received this letter yesterday from The ARC of The Shoals.  We are proud to print this letter for the good folks at The ARC they are trying to give some of their members a chance to live on their own and they need your help.

Here is the open letter to you The Shoals from The ARC of The Shoals:

“Dear Shoals,

The Arc of the Shoals organization provides a wide array of supports for people with intellectual disabilities, including residential services. Through a partnership with the Sheffield Housing Authority eleven people we support will realize a dream most of us take for granted – living in a real home in a real community.

We are having to act very quickly on remodeling five homes to meet the deadline of October 26 for their moves. YIKES! One of the homes needs approximately 2,000 square feet of tile, painting. removing a wall and constructing another, building a utility room, replacing siding. Did I say YIKES?!

Another home needs a shower torn out and an accessible shower installed, painting and fence repair. Two homes need landscaping and they all five need general cleaning and yard work. 

This task seems daunting and overwhelming at times. We’ve compared it to some of the reality shows, without the talented crew! Buy we are committed to realizing this dream, which we have nicknamed The Blessing Project. When our energy reserves are low and we wonder if we can make it, our people’s excitement and joy for their dreams coming true re-stokes our fires.

Let me know if y’all want to jump on our Blessing Project!  Call the arc at 256 383 1472. Thank you!!!!!!


The ARC of The Shoals”



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